Valentine’s Day Special: (Shirtless) Men in Bed

Men in Bed

Instead of plastering this website with hearts and all that mess, I’ve decided to go the subtle route with Valentines this year because I am a bitter bitch just don’t feel like it. Okay, I’m not that mean so let’s call this post a “Valentine’s Day Special” for the sake of it. Television, beds and shirtless men has been the best of friends for decades now (to increase ratings) and we have seen quiet a lot of these amazing combos for the past week alone. Here are a few personal picks and oddly enough, I didn’t watch any of these shows.

All caps by Superherofan and scorchingheat at Dreamcaps.

Dave Annable in “Brothers & Sisters”

Formerly a shameless shaver, Dave finally gave in and showed us what natural hotness can do to people.

Dave Annable Shirtless

Dave Annable Shirtless

Dave Annable Shirtless

Dave Annable Shirtless

Dave Annable Shirtless

Bradley Cooper in “Nip/Tuck”

Bradley Cooper is on fire now. Fire! Now that he has graced us with his hairy presence in the small screen, I really want to see some films that truly exploit his lickable chest. I still can’t get over the fact that SNL people didn’t go Paul Rudd on him. Damn it!

Bradley Cooper Shirtless

Bradley Cooper Shirtless

Bradley Cooper Shirtless

Bradley Cooper Shirtless

Richard Ruccolo in “Rita Rocks”

As the years go by from the death of “Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place”, Richard Ruccolo looks more and more like the louder, frattier and questionably manlier (in a non-metrosexual sense) big brother of Ryan Reynolds. Let’s hope his career reflects his as well. The only thing I’d complain about is that desert of a chest he has but I have a feeling that it’s all natural. Or is it?

Richard Ruccolo Shirtless

Richard Ruccolo Shirtless

Richard Ruccolo Shirtless

Richard Ruccolo Shirtless

Justin Hartley in “Smallville”

Not doing so much to me now as say 5 years ago but Justin is an undeniably good looking blond heartthrob. Also, is it just me or Tom Welling doesn’t seem to be that appetizing anymore? Oh my, my taste in men has clearly shifted over the past couple of years. This is dangerous.

Justin Hartley Shirtless

Justin Hartley Shirtless

Justin Hartley Shirtless

Justin Hartley Shirtless

Justin Hartley Shirtless

Justin Hartley Shirtless

  • Justin

    I’m pretty sure Richard’s lack of chest hair is natural, which is the only thing that makes it okay. In the movie “All Over the Guy” he’s shirtless pretty often and I don’t remember hair on him then either. More posts please!

    I just realized the first thing I remember Dave from is a StarBurst commercial where he opens a wrapper with his tongue and a girl does origami with the wrapper.

  • biggestFAN


  • Z

    Mmm Justin…. the other are just… ok

  • Justin

    You should see Bradley Cooper shirtless in “He’s Just Not That Into You”, there are some nice shots.

  • DoverDavid

    Bradley Cooper, he can spend the day in my bed anytime and be my sweet, chocolate covered Valentine!!!!

  • That was a perfect post, Square.
    Thank you.
    Dave and Bradley, omg.


  • Matt

    Richard seems to have little to no hair on his legs and arms as well so I’m guessing he is pretty naturally smooth. As for Tom Welling, at first glimpse I thought he was a hunk but quickly it faded into just another pretty boy copy I’m tired of seeing.

  • Bradley Cooper gets totally naked during a sex scene (with a woman, alas) in the horror flick MY LITTLE EYE.

  • WannaBuyADuck

    Hey Square, I think your comment about Tom Welling has to do with the fact that as he has buffed up, he has gained muscle-weight and lost the cheek hollows that always made his face so damned gorgeous. I, too, have noticed the change from drop-dead beauty to just run-of-the-mill Greek God these last few years. I still wouldn’t throw him out of bed for eating crackers, but….. BTW, when might you do a shirtless series on Jensen Ackles from Supernatural?

  • Justin Hartley has what may be the most perfect body in the whole world–certainly among the very best in “show business.” I wouldn’t mind seeing him and that hot Bradley Cooper mess around.

  • Patrick

    Three out four of my favorite men!
    I first saw Bradley in “Wet Hot American Summer” and it was love at first site. He gets it on with another guy in a boat house (or some sort of shack). Christopher Meloni and Paul Rudd also star with a bunch of other familiar names in the cast
    Richard Roccola has a segment in “Available Men” that is priceless.

  • David

    Richart Ruccolo is such large suckable nipples! I would love to nibble on them!

  • jendeana

    Justin Hartley shirtless and handcuffed to a bed! I think I died and went to heaven! Tom has definitely lost some appeal and thus I only tune into eps featuring the hot blonde in green leather. “sigh” Plus I am so with wannabuyaduck, Jensen certainly needs a little love:)

  • Reese

    These are all good looking men. Richard Ruccolo has beautiful nips. Are there any other shirtless photos of him? I’ve only seen him in that lousy mess of a film, “All Over the Guy”.

  • chris

    Justin Hartley shaves his chest. I’m sure you knew that.

    I thought Richard Ruccolo was somewhat furry. I saw him in something and he had chest stubble. It might have been the gay movie mentioned above.

  • Matt Ramsey

    I love the shot of the lady leaning over the guy.. ohh so nice.

  • What has happened to my beloved Richard Ruccolo? He sorta vanished after All Over The Guy.

    When I watched Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place, it was not for Ryan Reynolds. Not that I would have minded being in that sandwich. Sigh.

  • Complex

    Dave Annable.. I’d do him.
    Bradley Cooper… Mm MMM Delish!
    Richard Ruccolo.. I’ve been eyeing him on Rita Rocks… never thought he’d go topless. I like.
    Justin Hartley… not my type.

  • Richard

    Richard Ruccolo has always been a favorite of mine after I saw him in “Two Guys . . . ” I fell in love with his face and hunky body which got even better when I saw the smooth chest with the big nips. Who wouldn’t like to work over that body?

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