You Guys Robbed Me of My Innocence!


Damn it! I shouldn’t have opened the Pandora box in the first place! Now all those mystery and elements of surprise gone like the fart wind. You guys are evil, evil readers! (read: the best) So while I was smiling and drooling over Pool Table Hottie, armpitluver and dieguito tempted me with links to the evil source. My heart said no, but my curiosity won over. Now all my fantasies of sharing a double cherry sundae (no, not that cherry sundae) with Pool Table hottie on a school night and kissing him at the door crushed into pieces!

That said, maybe I should make an evil version of this website called “Squarehippies X” or something. Hmmm…

Pool Table Hottie

Pool Table Hottie

Pool Table Hottie

Pool Table Hottie

  • I’d still kiss him on a school night. Don’t these pictures look like one of your school night dates?

  • He is really hot. I would let him play pool on my table ANY DAY!

  • DoverDavid

    He did have a fat little cock there, but his other friend, who has balls to the walls had a rather lil one. I’d take either and convert them though.

  • David1969

    I just saw “Gino’s” site….I LOVE who ever found it… are my hero of the day….LOL

  • michael


  • user196

    OK, where can we see more of him…the site that took your innocence.

  • dieguito

    Je je je, i’m sorry square, but i just couldn’t let him pass 😛 Hope everyone enjoyed the site :D!!!

  • chip

    Puleeeze, Square, tell us where to find the site!!!??? Thank you in advance, I think…

  • Phil

    I stand by my original “ass-sesment” that pic of him with the open underware that gave you just a hint has got to be one of the sexiest pics Square’s ever posted…That if all y’all will admit it is why we like(strike that)LOVE this site…Most guys are a disappointment fully naked-they turn out to be normal just like us(well some of you-God was good to me) 🙂 joke guys…Not the fantasy we’ve created in our minds(wouldn’t most of us be disappointed to find out Mike Rowe maybe doesn’t have 9”?)…Square, gives us just a hint-and we take it from there…I know I’m older than most of the members of this site-and I know most of you don’t read anything I write(or you skim past it)…But I love this site-yes I like looking at young hot men(who doesn’t)-but I like looking at hot older guys too-sometimes I wonder just what Square’s thinkin’-but then beauty’s in the eye of the beholder…If my ex- husband had been more like Square(and a few others on this site)we still be together…I guess I said all that to say this-Square keep it up(THE GOOD WORK YOU PERVS)…

  • Phil

    All the above being said I’d like to rack his balls…;-)

  • Jason, oh yeah. My high school dates always look like this. If not better. (delusional pills where are you)

    dieguito, you’re pure evil.

    chip, answer here. Next time pay attention when mommy’s speaking!

    Phil, what are you talking about? Everybody reads everybody’s comments! We’re not here just to drool and go, right? RIGHT?

    And what’s with the whole “God was good to you” thing… I have a feeling that it’s not a joke. Hold up, you’re still single right?

  • FYI the photos of Gino are the property of BukBuddies.Com. The logo signature has been removed illegally. Responsible affiliates are welcome to post our photos for promo purposes as long as our logo remains. Thanks.

  • Phil

    Yup Square still single 🙂 And lets just say I can hold up a wet bath towel with no hands 😮

  • Brian

    Find any pics of Aaron Paul? He’s the bad boy “Jesse” on AMC’s Breaking Bad. He also starred in a movie with another hottie Nick Stahl. Damn those cute under thirties!

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