Aaron Schock for President!

Aaron Schock Shirtless

Okay, not really but he can definitely be the President of the USC (United States of our Crotches)! I rarely mix business with pleasure, but this time I’ll have to make an exception. Aaron Schock is one of the best looking politicians in America today and no doubt the best looking Republican ever. It’s like David Boreanaz and Neil Patrick Harris made sweet, sweet love at the back of “The West Wing” set. TMZ has posted this exclusive shot of his cheese grater abs last week, which looked like the one of those B-grade bachelor party films’ DVD covers of which I always got tricked into watching.

Click here for his official website. I just wished  that he would include a gallery page. Thanks Julius!

Aaron Schock Shirtless

Aaron Schock

Aaron Schock

  • robert

    Oh! My! God! THIS is a politician? Who’d possibly vote against him? At 19 he was the youngest person ever to be elected to a school board in Illinois, at 23 he was president of the board while at the same time a State Representative. He is, however, a Republican, but he went up against the corrupt Democrat pols and their powerful, and well-funded machine and won. Google “Aaron Schock”, you’ll get his site, read it and be incredibly impressed. What a gorgeous HUNK! You can bet he got the gay vote no matter whether they knew what he stood for or not! No, we’re not that dumb.

  • mallory

    I’d imagine if more politicians actually looked like him……our nation, at least the people who just wanna remain fat, dumb, and happy would swallow whatever tripe he’d be feeding. Ok maybe that was a poor choice of words but, hes gonna be soo corrupted. Mmm, that sounds fun.

  • DoverDavid

    Those legs would feel nice around my neck.

  • Steve

    Aaron is super-hot, but it’s clear that he shaves his chest. Why deny us the pleasure of seeing his chest hair? You can tell from his legs that he would have some hair on his chest, but he shaves, which is too bad. Aaron would be even hotter with chest hair.

  • organist

    Mallory: I propose we, all of us myself included, have to be careful about making judgements whether of politicians or anyone else without knowing anything of substance about them. The gay community has suffered from that sort of behavior literally for centuries. This stereotypical typeing is hurtful and, even though we’ve made significant progress in letting the general public know that we are as responsible and valuable as any other citizen, it still goes one.

    Just watch the news or read the paper and you will see people with hateful signs and behavior advocating something like Prop 8 in California. Oh yes, these bigots are very much still around but their voices are becoming less listened to day by day.

    Bit by bit, the atmosphere is slowly clearing of the prejudicial smog that”s overwhelmingly obscured a large part of the general public’s view toward the gay and lesbian community.

    I recommend you go to Mr. Schock’s site [Square has posted a link above] as I did. I, too, have a disillusioned mistrust of politicians. But, there is no question not all of the are “soooooooooo corrupt.” Of course Mr.Schock is going to pep up his resume just as anyone would, but he did go up against the incredibly corrupt Democratic machine in Illinois and win.

    Even though he’s a Republican and I normally wouldn’t vote for a Republican if my life depended on it [that’s ALSO a stereotypical remark] after learning about this man’s reputation and the issues he’s supported, I have no idea where stands on same sex relationships, I was impressed enough not to consider him just another gorgeous brain-dead model type [another stereotyping remark–see how easy it is?] to be willing to vote for him.

    As far as shaving his chest goes, I, too find that extremely disappointing, but Mr. Schock appears to be part of an exercise, maybe body-builder community where shaving one’s chest is the norm and is done for one reason: to make the musculature as obvious as possible. There are hairy-chested muscle guys for sure, but not being one is a personal choice made in order to show the evidence of all that free weight and exercise work. That’s his business.

    We in the gay community have been victims of stereotyping for, as I mentioned, far too long.. We shouldn’t be continuing that despicable behavior by broad-brushing those we may have suspicions about but who we’ve never taking the time to learn whether there would be any reason for that or not.

    Hope you think about being a little more careful with remarks that do us no good.

  • organist

    OMG! Mallory and others, my apologies for the way-too-long, that’s putting it mildly, post. Apparently I needed to get this off my very much NOT shaved chest!

  • KarmaLysing


    2) Organist, you should see the abuse I get because I’m conservative, female, and Jewish. I’ve had “open-minded, diversity-celebrating” Liberals actually tell me to my face that Hitler’s only mistake was not starting sooner…

  • QCNiceGuy

    Look beyond the label of Republican and the good looks and you might get a glimpse of a very good future!

  • Liam

    It actually makes me sad that anyone would make a political decision based on what the person LOOKS like. He’s still a republican and you’d be hard pressed to find ANY of them that support equal rights for gay and lesbian couples. Hate is Hate no matter how pretty the package is and the republican party is the embodiment of it.

  • organist

    Liam: What? UNIVERSAL Republican hate and bigotry? I think not. I harbor no good will for the party as such, but I’m too old not to know there are good people in groups of any sort that many folks don’t like for whatever reason–the groups that is. Liam, Google; “Log Cabin Republicans” This is a gay and lesbian conservative organization. I neither support nor condemn them because I really have no idea what they do. Be careful with painting everyone with the same brush.

    KarmaLysing: Good God. I know some of the very same type. For really pure hatred against Jews, Blacks, Homosexuals, just about anyone who isn’t they: I grew up in the Southern Baptist Church. Talk about being an outcast. But I’ve never had to deal with the sort of bigotry the Jewish community has had to for I guess literally centuries. Wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to handle it. Makes me furious to think about it. Nashville is loaded with Baptist churches. Maybe I will reconsider.

  • organist

    Aaron Schock: For those who have decided that because this guy is a Republican, he has no redeeming qualities, if you haven’t googled his site and read the information, you are speaking out of a bit of ignorance. Sure a site can be manufactured to ballyhoo only the good, but it would be difficult to argue with the merits of someone who fought against a significantly corrupt Democratic party and machine and won. Do you know who the recently impeached Ilinois governor is: The one and only Rod Blagojevich, one of the true card-carrying members of a completely disgraced DEMOCRATIC regime that has a very long history of corruption, bigotry, homophobic attacks, the lot of it. You see, neither Republican nor Democrat can escape immoral and outlawed behavior. it’s simply humanly indemic. Nothing makes one more liberal than reading. Don’t be afraid to. It won’t hurt you and it won’t turn you into a Republican. Good God, save us from political and sexual stereotyping.

  • ORGANIST / AKA “Robert”

    Organist is my forum name, it should be same as these postings but too dumb to know how to change it. I am apparently one of two Roberts. From now on, it’s RobertG. I don’t want some of my carryings-on to reflect on the other “Robert”.

  • Mallory

    Point taken, I didn’t mean any offense to ANYONE. I always have difficulty wording things..or rather, I tend to word things in manners that get my bottom line jumbled up and easily misunderstood. Guess I probably shouldn’t add my two cents so casually then..but to anyone, I meant no ill will, truly.

  • I think it’s safe to say this is probably be the first and last time I post a politician on this website. That is of course until Jason Sudeikis, John Krasinski, Paul Rudd or Jon Hamm is running for the office. Heh.

  • David1969

    I am so sad that he is a Republican…..you heard it here first….I see a Monica L. type problem for him down the line…..We can only hope that it is a Mark or John who plays the part of Monica…..I volunteer to be the bimbo…..oh please, choose me….please…..and btw….who the hell cares what his politics are….the guy is HOT HOT HOT…..lighten up folks….this site is supposed to be fun….take a valium….wash it down with a JD and coke and think about this fine piece of man meat spread eagle on your bed as you are singing America the Beautiful while riding the pony!!!!

  • WannaBuyADuck

    I love the Oh-so-serious discussion. The sad part for me is that none of Mr Schlock’s pics came up on my screen — just in the email tease. Don’t know why, but they didn’t. But then, he’s a faggot-hating Republican, so I don’t need his stinkin’ fotos! So there.

  • WannaBuyADuck

    I love the Oh-so-serious discussion. I wonder if Representative Schlong will put the crotch shot pic of him and the hooters chic on his web site? If he did it would give all his GOP voters woodies, they would claim him an immoral anti-Christian crusader, and he’d then lose their vote. The GOP = Gay Ole’ Perverts = Hypocrits

  • Matthew

    It is so freaky how correct you are about him being the love child of Boreanez and NPH. I keep seeing them both especially in that last picture.
    This whole discussion about voting for him cause he is cute reminds me of that hilarious “King of the Hill” episode where Lu Anne became a communist just cause the guy promoting it was cute.

    Oh and are there any shirtless pictures of Gavin Newsom around?

  • Smoother

    I found this site by accident while searching for some information on hair removal. One thing I’ve noticed about this site is the negative comments about men who remove their body hair (especially their chest). I went through a rough time dealing with the hair on my chest, until I finally got the courage to remove it. It did a lot for my self esteem.

    The other thing is the assumption that every man who has a smooth chest either shaves or waxes. There are some men who are naturally hairless on their chest and everyone is making an assumption that his chest is shaved or waxed.

    I guess my feeling is, people should do what makes them comfortable and helps their confidence.

  • Ronald

    When does he strip before voting gets under way?(hehe) :O)~~~~

  • Aaron Schock most definitely did not shave. There are people who look that smooth naturally. Specifically people who are descent from northern and north-western Europe.

    That said he is a Republican. Dammit, now I know how some of my straight Democrat friends felt while they were ogling Sarah Palin.

    (For the record I’ve seen Schock on CNN, he’s definitely smarter than Sarah)

  • Smoother

    I’m not necessarily saying he didn’t shave – he may have. Just seems like most guys get criticized when they do it.

  • Dan

    I am in his district. and yes I voted AGAINST HIM. He may have looks on his side, but his politics are all wrong… no to mention his party. Unfortunately, he of course won… this area has a lotof dumb ass rednecks. I thought he looked good long before i ever seen him without his shirt… OMG!

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  • ahmed

    I would love to have those feet resting on my face, ANYDAY. What a gorgeous, sexy hunk. Masculine, straight, sexy, hot abs, hot body, hot LEGS… oh how i would love the impact his leg and feet would make to my face when he would kick me around and humiliate me… xO

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  • hi, what are you doing?

  • This guy is a closeted homosexual right? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Except I always think that gay Republicans are kind of gross. Well really, all Republicans are gross.

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  • Jasper

    @ Robert and Organist – read on on this pig. He’s a right-wing sleaze who would have anyone boated up and shipped off, who had the least bit of free-thinking, Liberty-Loving (aka, Liberal), Freedom-seeking, Live-and-Let-Live ideology or leanings. He’s the young generation of Rove, Bush, Rumsfeld, Boehner, Gingrich and Cantor.

    Start thinking with your brains and Stop thinking with your crotches, or you’ll end up deserving every bit of enslaving legislation and striping of Freedom that these Totalitarian Fascists dish out to you. Anyone with his views is immediately ugly, and that’s how they pull the wool over the eyes of far too many citizens.

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