Adorkable of the Month: Kris Allen

Kris Allen

By popular demand, Kris Allen (“adorable sexy” as the forever high Paula puts it) is our Adorkable of March! There’s something about this cutie that makes me want to take him home and feed him carrots. No, I really mean real carrots. He has the prettiest mouth ever so watching him chew is like watching a beautiful play. I wouldn’t expect that big voice coming from that his bunny cute and edible self, but I definitely can listen to Kris talk and sing all day long. Every week we can all close our eyes when the camera pans to Kris’s um, significant other and pretend that we can have Kris all to ourselves. That is one VERY lucky girl. Also, is it just me or Danny Gokey is becoming more and more unbearable over the weeks, and not in a good way. I still want to give him a good squeeze though. To those of you who suggested Kris before, enjoy!

Caps by CowboyHD. Click here to see Kris Allen sans shirt, to satisfy that pure and innocent heart of yours.

Kris Allen from American Idol

Kris Allen from American Idol

Kris Allen from American Idol

Kris Allen from American Idol

Kris Allen from American Idol

Kris Allen from American Idol

Kris Allen from American Idol

Kris Allen from American Idol

Kris Allen from American Idol

Kris Allen from American Idol

Kris Allen from American Idol

Kris Allen from American Idol

Kris Allen from American Idol

Kris Allen from American Idol

Kris Allen from American Idol

  • Mike

    There are shirtless pics of him out there and he’s hot under that shirt.

  • Charlie

    I love him on AI.

  • Whoot

    Just so cute. Too bad he is married …

  • Frog

    He is cute I guess. He seems like a nice guy… But whenever he or Danny mention god or their faith I sort of groan. Though I must admit he seems to be getting along with Adam, who is obviously gay. So maybe I’m just being an ass. 😛

  • GHTF

    Awesome choice! Ill be posting a bunch of pics shortly on the forums.

  • yukoner

    Love him! And he is a great singer too! Want some shirtless too please!!!

  • MyMy

    Kris and Adam, plus Allison, are close. Kris is even Adam’s roommate in the mansion. He is very comfortable around others. He has a beautiful singing voice. He is also very hot and humble. I have seen the photos of Kris without his shirt…yummy. He is one boy that can take his shirt off an has no flaws. He also has a nice booty, which I noticed the first time he sang. I saw some of his photos by Googling and found “Kris Allen Idol Forums” and looked under Kris Allen photos…hot sexy guy, and he doesn’t even know it…lol!

  • Oh kris!!! So in love with him… Cute as hell!!! And make a page for danny… He is the next idol!!! I know he is..

  • Neil

    oh thanks so much for making him the adorkable of the month, square! yay nom nom nom.

  • Ronald


  • WannaBuyaDuck

    Kris is the absolute double of my college first love. Every time I see him on AI it brings me back to days of yesteryear and the question “How-did-I-let-that-go???” And he can sing!

  • well I say he’s the CUTEST adorkable of the month you could ever have chosen. KrisALLENation is growing and he’s going very far this year on AI. I’m soooooo happy and very willing to vote non-stop; multiple phones; 2 hours – are ya wit me???

    Gooooo KRIS ALLEN!!!!!!

  • Blake

    This just in, Kris Allen has left his wife for me. 🙂

    Story Wednesday on Idol …. Wifey OUT!

    I can dream can’t I?

  • Curtis

    Kris is the only one worth looking at or listening to this year! If he gets voted off I will not watch the show for the rest of the season, the other guys suck compared to him and I am so over the guy they all love the one that thinks he is a rocker and song that HORRIBLE rendition of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire. GOD that SUCKED Donkey D*cks!! Keep up the good work Kris and I will be voting for you as much as I can.

  • nvm

    I’m so glad he’s adorkable of the month .. I posted a comment asking for this 🙂 .. he’s soo HOT .. and every time I watch AI my crush on him just gets harder (lol that was unintentional ) .. I can’t stop looking at him .. and about those shirtless pics .. hope to see ’em here soon

  • GHTF

    check the forums (under the TV section). Bunch more pics of Kris can be seen there as well as some shirtless

  • He is so cute. Definitely has my vote – plus he can sing! I am for you Kris!

  • robert

    Does anyone else think he looks a little [maybe just a LITTLE] like a much younger Hal Sparks? [“Queer as Folk”] who I think is hot! He’s VERY funny, quick ad lib guy [“Talk Soup”] and very nice little bod. he’s also 37-years-old and in my opinion doesn’t look it, not that there’s anything wrong with that!

  • Craig

    Those lips kill me. Even worse for me is I love short guys and he appears to be shorter than Seacrest. And he has a hairy chest. Excuse me for a few minutes, something suddenly came up.

  • Onelove90

    omg isn’t he such a lil cutie pie? I just want to hug him all night! Well maybe not all night, I’d like to get it on with him too. Too bad he’s married. Maybe I could change that. Adam Lambert is a looker too! And has a voice I’m sure no one would mind hearing in bed.

  • Onelove90

    I meant wouldn’t. 😀

  • Onelove90

    I really meant wouldn’t in the comment I put!
    Adam has a SEXY voice!

  • larryk91

    I cried and ejaculated in equal amounts when he sang “Falling Slowly”.That boy is going places…my bedroom hopefully!!!


    this is my man bitches. back off haha jk kinda

  • len

    Sorry fellas…….i saw him first L.O.L.

  • Ethan

    Fuck you all.


  • jake27

    cute as hell, thats for sure. I’m thinking he has a hairy chest.

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