David Beckham Circa 1998, Is That You?

Logan Bailly Shirtless

Oh. For a second I thought the 17 year old raging teenage homo in me is going to come out and terrorize the earth. Turns out this is Logan Bailly, a Belgian soccer goalkeeper who currently plays for Borussia Mönchengladbach (thanks Wikipedia!). A poor man’s Beckham if you will, and he’s going to get poorer because that hand gesture isn’t gonna get Logan any deals at all. Wait, he is 4 years younger than me? Um, I’ll pass. Also check out the weirdly shaved grass on the second picture. It was clearly done to make way of that unnecessary tats.

via Tottyland

Logan Bailly Shirtless

Logan Bailly Shirtless

  • John

    Omg hes gorgeous!

  • Completely!

  • Patrick

    That’s a long finger.

  • Phineas Hobbs

    Hmmmm… long middle fingers mean he’s not from this world.

  • le

    oooh! more pics, please! hahaha

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