Gethin Jones on Attitude Magazine

Gethin Jones

You probably seen this already but a hairy hunk like Gethin Jones is meant to be plastered all over this very website. This is exactly what happens if you stay away from the razor, clipper, wax and what not. You become hotter than hot! Here is the walking sex that is Gethin Jones on the cover of Attitude magazine, showing those shameless shaving pansies how it’s done. Gethin was best known as a television presenter for children’s TV show “Blue Peter” and also the star of many women and gay mens’ wet dreams. Think of him like the British Seacrest, only about a million times hotter. Okay, who said that?

Attitude Magazine via Hunk du Jour

Gethin Jones Shirtless

Gethin Jones Shirtless

Gethin Jones Shirtless

Also, since shirtless pictures of this juicy manment is very easy to find, here is one where he is in chains. You’re welcome.

Gethin Jones Shirtless

  • DoverDavid

    Cute although I have never heard of him before now.

  • Todd R

    I like the last pic because it is an armpit shot. He is uncommonly handsome.

  • WannaBuyADuck

    Nice face, but a blue peter.

  • jemma

    haha, wonky nips 🙂 nice bod tho

  • David

    He has a nice chest, but i wouldn’t say that he is cuter that Ryan Seacrest. Ryan is one of the reasons that i watch American Idol

  • jemma, ROFL.

  • sassywench

    I love the one in chains! I would welcome him in my dungeon anytime!

  • Dave

    Square — surely you must recognize that this is not a man who “stays away from … clippers … etc.” He is completely “manscaped”, or “edged” as a buddy of mine calls it when using the clippers to shape and sculpt otherwise untamed body hair. Not that the end result isn’t as near perfection as the hair gods allow, but in the interest of full disclosure this fellow clips! Maybe that’s how his nips got wonky in the first place … OUCH!

  • Onelove90

    He does have wonky nipz, but DAMNIT!…I never realized just how sexy Gethin Jones really is! He is one sexy M.F!! And look at that chest hair!!

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  • you are sexy

  • WOW nice bod

  • Jacky

    mmmmmmm, his belly fuzz.

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