Guess This Hairy Chest

Guess This Hairy Chest

It’s time for our pointless but fun game, people. Please look at the chest and move your eyes away from the fuzzy crotch! He’s cute and hairy, but after looking at this picture, you will feel a bit corrupted. But then again, everybody grows up. Guess before you click!

It’s none other that Fred Savage, your 7 year old crush from “The Wonder Years”! And don’t even bother to ask whether he got excited or not. He’s clearly playing with his instrument, what do you think? Click here to experience Fred’s fuzzy generosity from “The Last Run”.

Fred Savage Shirtless

  • len

    he growed up FINE!

  • DoverDavid

    YUMMY, more please!

  • QCNiceGuy

    I love the grown-up Fred Savage! The combination of chest hair along with leg forestation makes him perfect!

  • wow, yeah, he did turn out nice. and, hey, as long as you want to fuck the adult version, i see no perviness involved.

  • MMMM. Never expected I’d moan that.

  • Robert Daniels

    Wow! Very nice! More please!

  • AHHHHHHH! He has a great body and great fuzz! MMmmmmm. Especially in the other link.

  • extra hot.
    dude.. SHIT!!! Damn you, hottie f*cker!

    ps: loving this “playing with his instrument” situation.


  • I feel scandalized…and oddly aroused. Not bad at all!

  • armpitluver

    hot hairy chest and nice bulge!

  • loudrockmusic

    If I met him in the street, I’d follow him home!

  • rodthehorny

    i want to smell his underwear and j/o to it every night before going to sleep :))

  • Thank you for the information. Was a Good read. Looking for more information

  • robert

    @Square: Ben Cohen. MSJM. . . has posted SIZZLING HOT pix of Ben Cohen, Brit rugby star with Northampton Saints who has a huge gay [alas, he’s not] following there and here. He deserves his own page with one of your exceptional treatments. I’ve known about him for a long time. I have these photos but don’t know how to cap anything. If you can get that red dot removed, you will be the Uber-Hero of all of us watcher/worshippers.!!

  • robert

    @ square redux: on the Ben Cohen forum site, but you probably figgered that out.

  • robert

    BTW: For all you guys who are “allergic” to sports, you should check out This is a site devoted exclusively to gay sports teams and as odd as that may sound these guys are terrific. Practically all sports represented, especially rugby, the padless “football” game that might be the most ruthless sport. Straight players are now joining them. In the UK and Europe rugby teams have no difficulty at all taking it all off, usually for calendars. Some have the most interesting parts covered, usually with a soccer ball, but many don’t. They are, and it seems to be a prerequisite, pretty much exhibitionists, proud of everything they have!

  • Carina

    He’s look like James Purefoy chest!!

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