It’s Not Heslop, It’s Tom Hislop

Tom Hislop Shirtless

I have to admit for the most part, I posted this delicious lean Aussie beef because his name is Tom Hislop. Whenever I hear the name Hislop, my brain automatically switches its spelling to Heslop which brings me to the magical land of Porpoise Spit. You know, from one of THE best films all time, “Muriel’s Wedding”. I wonder if he has an older sister named Muriel. No, it’s MARIEL! Aimless ramblings aside, Tom is part of the impossibly gorgeous lineup of Australian football players and he plays for the Essendon team. Can you believe this hunk is only 20? Two freakin’ wenty! Here he is posing for this year’s Gods of Football calendar with what appears to be the luckiest football in the world.

Gods of Football via Tottyland (NSFW)

Tom Hislop Shirtless

Tom Hislop Shirtless

Tom Hislop

  • Joe


  • Joe


  • white panda

    Pass. Too young and too hairless. Sorry, Square.

  • Cygfrydd

    I can’t see anything, there’s a football in the way!

  • Todd R

    Nice bod, but the word vapid comes to mind.

  • omg square! All i can say is hot!

  • Thank goodness for scrollbars! I read your little description first then BAM! FOOTBALL PENIS!

  • undapantsman

    dang, where are the hot rugby guys around my area… and why haven’t i started playing this homo-oriented sport?!

  • David1969

    First time in my life that I have wanted to be a football…..LOL….that’s a DOWN I get with.

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    Are you all nutz? “Too young” Too hairless” “Too vapid” He’s exquisite. And he has a penis the size of a football.

  • John

    i wouldn’t mind being that chair either…

  • Neily

    I have Daniel Conn as my wallpaper from the Gods of Football calender, would make me very happy to see a spread of his pics, one sexy tattooed hotty!!!

  • Curtis

    OMG (pulls tongue back in and closes mouth wipes drool from chin) this guys is to damn hot!! and only 20 yrs old damn. I wish my face was where that football is. Where can we get a copy of the football calendar that he is in. If they all look like him it should be a top seller.

  • Mo

    Thank the Football Gods for this one.
    This is the reason why I love footballer.
    Nothing but muscle in those thighs baby.

  • …i’m salivating.

  • knockout

    Now , even I could get into playing that sort of football game.

  • ResDes2

    Oh. My. God. He looks like perfection!!! I cannot believe how gorgeous that man is! God, just move that football! Man, what I would do to that man…
    If I saw that in real life it would pretty much be automatic JIZZ IN PANTS!!! Oh God yes…
    Move that football, and it would automatic dropping of the jaw (if you catch my drift) *wink*.

  • robert

    @undapantsman: rugby is far and away the most homoerotic sport there is.
    these guys are just all over each other all the time, and not just on the playing field where there can be much exposure of the jewels. constantly disrobing down to the bare nothings in public, grabbing ass, grabbing crotch, junk hanging out of the exquisitely too-short shorts [they don’t seem to believe in straps, much less pads], and their super-macho looks. the rules are completely non-understandable, but who gives a shit!

  • robert

    anybody ever watch Australian football? ESPN used to carry it once in awhile, maybe still does. It’s a cross between our football, soccer, rugby with a little basketball thrown in, no pads, and has the most unusual looking goal referees anywhere: long white lab-style coats, Aussie-style white bush hats, when there’s a goal they both walk forward in unison from the boundary line and point index fingers of both hands with their arms straight forward, 90 degrees to the body. The damnedest sight!

  • chook

    The truth? I tell the truth too. Nicole’s having an affair with Chook. Murial saw them fucking in the laundry on your wedding day. Go stick your drink up your arse, Tanya. I’d rather swallow razor blades than have a drink with you.
    Oh, and by the way. I’m not alone. I’m with Murial

  • Le

    REALLY HOT! x=

  • I wish I was that footfall!, Just for even one night, then I can say I have seen and done everything,,,,,HE IS SO F-N Hot!

  • Criszy77

    Im playing football! where the hell is it ! ooh! there you are (takes football)
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! yummy!!!!!!!!!! (faints)

  • KMac

    Gorgeous with his clothes on!

  • Joetx

    Ditto what white panda said.

  • Mike

    He is HOT!

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