Jesse Metcalfe in The Other End of the Line

Jesse Metcalfe Shirtless

With all the Hollywood hi jinks he gets up to, bad career choices he makes and dubious body art he gets, it’s easy to forget that Jesse Metcalfe can actually be extremely sexy. He’s back on fully hot status, at least for the duration of this movie. He’s fit and manscaped and his tats are covered up. And in a clear case of a broken clock being right twice a day, Jesse has actually managed to get himself into a decent little romantic comedy here. Sure it’s a poor man’s “Sleepless In Seattle”, but it’s sweet and inoffensive, which is all I think we can hope for in one of Jesse’s movies. I doubt if we’ll have similar luck with his upcoming project “Bad Meat”, although I must say I find the title intriguing.

  • Autechre

    He’s one of those people who wear their douchebaggery on their sleeve; therefore it’s impossible for me to find him attractive.

  • Number one, true he has been making shitty career decisions, but I’m glad he is still acting regardless. Two, he really needs to stay away from the clipper. Three, he is a total douche but I can still find him a bit hot. Four, MANBOOBS!!!

    All in all, AMAZING caps Psi!

  • RodMDZ

    Whyyyyy? Whyyyyyyyyyyy’ Why did he trimmed his chest again? I saw it much more hairier not long ago… he’s hot thou he acts like a jackass.

  • RodMDZ

    Oh… the “Whyyyyyyyyyyy” portion is from here:

  • David1969

    Jessie is HOT not matter what….can’t comment on the douce bag comment…don’t know that much about him…but you can’t deny that the man is HOT HOT HOT….and yes….PLEASE stay away from the clippers…his HOTNESS aspect goes so much higher when he doesn’t clip….and btw….all those background shots were filmed in San Francisco….I used to live there and recognized it all…..

  • DoverDavid

    I’m sure that within a short period of time, he will remind us that he is really a douche bag.

  • metcalfe

    Without the tattoos, Metcalfe is hotter than hot. I prefer him shaven, but don’t mind the chest hair either. Just can’t stand the tatts

  • I’d probably hit it. *shrugs*

  • John

    i think he’s one of those guys who looks super hot when he’s wearing clothes but once you see the boobs it’s like no…

  • Complex

    He is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Dark hair and beautiful eyes….. (orgasm)

  • When he’s good, he’s good but when he’s bad, it’s horrible.

  • Todd R


  • doNotshaveUrBody

    I likee!

  • Joe

    hot but not the hottest

  • myboyfriendsamodel

    lmfao @ man boobs

    sorry jesse, you can’t get by on a pretty face

  • purgetop

    the implants add anew urgency & generousity to the depth of his nourishing presense.

  • Joe

    I beg to differ from all of your comments. I think HE IS AMAZINGLY HOT. and his *pecs* not boobs are to die for hmmmmmmm

  • Milton

    OK, Jesse DOES have manboobs, but on him, they’re sexy. What’s up with all the name-calling? Are people calling him a douchebag because of a character he plays? It’s called acting, people! I can’t believe people are calling him that from personal experience.

  • wigglytuff

    i think he is really cute<33

  • “DAYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMM!!!! “I Could Care Less Whether or Not He’s A “Douchebag”; Jesse Is The HOTTEST Dude On The Planet, Period!! “I’d Do That Hott Babydoll, ANYTIME!!!!!!!!! (p.s.- Yeah, I’m In Love With Jesse!!!)

  • Arthur

    He’s one of those men who is filling out in his old age!

  • Chip Stroup

    He has some kind of animal magnetism but seems arrogant.

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