Jesse Metcalfe in The Other End of the Line

Jesse Metcalfe Shirtless

With all the Hollywood hi jinks he gets up to, bad career choices he makes and dubious body art he gets, it’s easy to forget that Jesse Metcalfe can actually be extremely sexy. He’s back on fully hot status, at least for the duration of this movie. He’s fit and manscaped and his tats are covered up. And in a clear case of a broken clock being right twice a day, Jesse has actually managed to get himself into a decent little romantic comedy here. Sure it’s a poor man’s “Sleepless In Seattle”, but it’s sweet and inoffensive, which is all I think we can hope for in one of Jesse’s movies. I doubt if we’ll have similar luck with his upcoming project “Bad Meat”, although I must say I find the title intriguing.

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