Mikey’s Day At The Beach

Mikey Day Shirtless

Not sure if this is worth a post, but Mikey Day was our Adorkable of The Month, plus he’s cute as heck. Here is Craig with his um, girl buddy Kim at a beach somewhere. Selma Blair has a fine taste in men! I can see there’s some chest decapitation going on, but I have to be easy on this one. He looks hot and more importantly, shirtless from a very decent angle. As long as the dorky mojo is still there, I’m content. And please get him more skin scenes on “Kath & Kim”, preferably in a big blue cup and no ice. Thanks.

Source: Bauer Griffin

Mikey Day Shirtless

Mikey Day Shirtless

Mikey Day Shirtless

Mikey Day Shirtless

Mikey Day Shirtless

Mikey Day Shirtless

Mikey Day Shirtless

Mikey Day

  • mallory

    Yeah baby! Thanks so much for this post, Ive lusted after Mikey ever since I first saw him. Hot nerds are an excellent source of protein and fufill your daily dose of B12 as well. Mmmm

  • very adorkable!


  • DoverDavid

    Who cut him off at the legs, I wanted to see at least if they had some hair on them. DUDE!

  • Reese

    I may have to start watching this program.

  • len


  • WannaBuyADuck

    Cute, yes. But from these pics, he seems to have one expression – mouth agape and left upper lip curl.

  • Joanna

    Very adorable adorable!! He is a doll!

  • QCNiceGuy

    Where’s the chest hair? He had it before!!!

  • Dieguito

    He always worth the post :P!!!! Hope to see more of him in the future 😉

  • biggestFAN

    His dating with Selma Blair?, what the f*****…..

  • biggestFAN

    @QCNiceGuy who care?, well, yes it care (i care), but he got in armpit. And is not despicable.

  • Jaks

    Loves it
    Another Blaine video has Mikey looking pretty hot, and mostly nude at the end.

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