Quiet Everyone… Bunny Is Sleeping


Nothing much to post today since I am a bit (okay, very) tired. Having said that, I won’t leave you with Captain Douche on the top spot — it’s just not right. This lightly fuzzy bunny, Clement will take his place instead. Looks like he is worn out as well and I guess we just have to go to sleep together. Just when you thought you have the bed to yourself! Sigh. Let’s hope he doesn’t snore. Good night, bitches! (Yes, extreme fatigue makes you see things)

Fred Goudon via Just Beautiful Men






  • organist

    Nippleodeon! I shall now retire with thoughts of such things dancing in my head. . . . . .

  • robert

    “organist” [forums] aka “Robert” should be one and the same, but can’t figure out how to change the forum name. I know this conundrum is of universe-shaking importance to one and all. Ah well, I’ll just go back to staring at this hunky young lad.

  • Mo

    ok name……i need a name.
    and that happy trial…mmmmm

  • chaisback

    I wonder what/who he is thinking about…. hmmmm…. *stares gazingly while waiting*

  • KarmaLysing

    PET the bunny!!!

  • Todd R


  • David1969

    Now I understand what they mean when they say….Fu**ing like Bunnies…..LOL!!! That boy could jump down my bunny hole anytime he feels like…..

  • K

    its not fair that bunnies are so cute.

  • Skullman

    … He looks like a guy I went to college with… 😀

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