These Are as Real as My Four Husbands


What do all of these hot shirtless pictures of Christopher Meloni, Matthew Fox, James Denton and my fourth husband Jon Hamm have in common? Sorry to break it up to you but these are as real as my romantic Italian dinner last night with John Krasinski. That said, kudos to this dude for keeping the follicle amount on point. Just look at my husband’s arm hair. Mmm… What? I always keep my eyes above the waist. You guys are so nasty.

Male Ero Painter (NSFW obviously) via Boy Culture

  • Craig

    You do know these pictures are all fakes right?

  • DoverDavid

    They look totally fake as well, although I’m having lustful thoughts now of Matthew Fox.

  • rodthehorny

    is this image being altered at all?? it is just like being digitally made or something like that, anyhow this guys are totally hot..

  • GB13

    You guys could at least TRY to read ANYTHING in the post before replying.

  • GB13, thank you. 🙂

  • Ouch!

    GB13, thank you from me as well!
    Is everyone retarded?!

  • Matt

    I guess they all thought you really did have that romantic Italian dinner.
    As for the pictures I think Meloni’s real body looks better than the fake one they used.

  • GB13

    ^^^ Definitely. I don’t like the boobs.

  • Joe

    none of these pictures are real, especially james denton, he looks like a video game graphic. But if i was stupid enough to fall for this, john hamm is the moist realistic

  • Joe

    damn i said moist realistic, i meant most, letting personal feelings get in the way

    Oh, Chris Meloni, do me!


  • WannaBuyADuck

    Just to complete the circle of idiocy from above…..

    Are these pictures REAL? And what did you and John Krasinski have for dinner?

    And I agree, Meloni’s real bod is much more appealing.

  • Joanna

    Okay, okay!!! I know Matthew Fox is real or really close!!!. I have seen him shirtless in “Lost” and “Haunted”. This is his body or damn close to it!!! He is one hot darlin!!! As for John Hamm! I don’t really know him but if that is anything like his real body, (if that’s not it), he can park his shoes under my bed any time he wants to!! WOOOOT!

    OOPS!! Is John Hamm the guy from that ad man show? Then that is his body. I remember seeing him in a commercial with his shirt off. I think that is his real body!! WOW! He is a scrocher!!

  • Dieguito

    I agree with everyone, the body of this Meloni really sucks… they could have added some more hair and it would have been nearest to reality…

    By the way square, you should start a new poll (it has been a while since the last one) about the sexiest daddy ;)… this four specimens could be the options je je je.

    My vote? Meloni everytime!!!

  • The real guy’s bodies are way more interesting than these beefed up Stepford sexbots.

  • armpitluver

    it’s too bad that these are all fake. and it’s too bad that we can’t see the whole picture…and it’s too bad some people on the site can’t read. but that’s ok. we don’t hold it against them.

  • Harrison

    Look around the Web.. the full versions are out there..

  • Glen

    Meloni’s real bod is much better and he has a crackin cock too!!!

  • Jazz

    James Denton is AMAZINGLY sexy. I would do him anyday. I know this isn’t his real body but he has a nice one in real life and his face is so amazing and his accent yum. He’s just perfect.

    Paul Rudd is prefect too. I’m keeping up my love for him.

  • J R

    Sorry guys but that is not Chris Meloni’s body. I work with him on SVU and worked with him a few times on OZ. I’ve known him for years.
    Can’t say what’s up with the other guys but no way does that torso belong to Chris. Think I show it to him. He’s a goof and I’m sure he’d get a kick out of it.

  • est

    wow I love these but I wish I could see more bellow. The artists blog doesnt archive all his other works like the ones you posted =(

  • C D

    Has his site always only had one picture at a time, or has he changed it?

  • LM

    Would anybody have a link to the full pictures? the blog is down. thanks!

  • SB

    The site is not down. But it has only two pictures, and the four pictures on your site are not included.

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  • they are all hot! they can come to my bed anytime!

  • cableguy

    nice blogging mate your shares are greatt !
    CHEERS !

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