Topher Grace in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!

Topher Grace Shirtless

As much as I like seeing Topher Grace bulked up for his role as Venom in “Spiderman 3”, I really miss the old scrawny adorkable Eric Forman from “That 70’s Show”. You see, I’m not all about hairy old men! That said, Topher has managed to keep some of his dorky charms and I really hope to see those back in action in two of his upcoming films; “Young Americans” and the typo free “Coxblocker”, with Seann William Scott (I smell some skin scenes). These barechested caps of vintage-y Topher Grace are from the movie “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!”, and I purposely didn’t include the hunkalicious Josh Duhamel here so you guys can focus. It’s the least I can do to get your attention among a sea of shirtless men!

Topher Grace

Topher Grace Shirtless

Topher Grace Shirtless

Topher Grace Shirtless

Topher Grace Shirtless

Topher Grace Shirtless

Topher Grace Shirtless

Topher Grace Shirtless

Topher Grace Shirtless

  • len

    i’ve loved topher 10 times more than ashton kutcher. he’s more approachable

  • WannaBuyADuck

    TG is quite hot. He was hot on “That 70s Show” and remains so in his life after TV. Good comic actor, great looking guy and quite the hottie. I want him!

  • Germie

    We have the same birthday: year and everything!

  • Duckhunter1

    Yeah I like Topher more then aston any time!

    Him and Joseph Gordon levitt would make a cute couple and they say Top plays on our team

  • chip

    I agree, guys, Topher is completely handsome and lots more attractive to me than Ashton. I hope you’re right, Duckhunter, about the team Topher plays on — what an excellent bedtime fantasy!!

    Square, these pix are great. Do you have a cap of Topher ‘bulked up’ for Spiderman? If so would you post it for all of us Topher fans? Pretty puleeeeeze…

  • Duckhunter1

    Chip is basically the same muscle mass

  • Phil

    I wouldn’t mind holding his um handle… 🙂

  • Dewey Mee

    Take it off, Topher. take it off!!! I never watched “70S Show”, but Topher has a hot body…and NAVEL. So, there!

  • Claritypixie

    Oh, hell yes! One of my all-time favorite tv crushes. Looking mighty yummy…

  • robert

    Topher G.: “In Good Company”, charming, funny movie with Dennis Quaid [woof!], Scarlett Johansson [can’t go wrong there] Topher proves the acting chops are there. IMDb has great pix, one with Toph in ruffled hair and glasses. ow!

  • He is SO beautiful. Thanks for these. I haven’t seen this movie due to poor reviews.

  • Hi i like watching you on the 70 show, and would like to meet you. If you dont mind I will be in la in about a mounth. I am black 43 and single and like watching you on tv.

  • MiimowSexboy

    Aye, more I scroll down, more I’m craving for shout : Grrrr

  • bobo

    Hi there, i was wondering if you could please post shirtless pics of Topher from his recent movie “Valentine’s Day”?

  • Bryan

    Duckhunter1 on March 11th, 2009 at 5:55 pm wrote:
    “Him and Joseph Gordon levitt would make a cute couple and they say Top plays on our team”

    FYI, Joseph Gordon Levitt played Buddy, a gay classmate of Eric (Topher Grace) in the 70’s Show episode titled, “Eric’s Buddy.” He mistakenly thought that Eric was also gay and in a landmark scene, kissed Eric on the lips. Yep, that was the first lip to lip kiss ever among teen males on American TV. Eric’s response was adorable, especially after Buddy told him how cute he was. Unfortunately, that wasn’t a gay kiss, per se, since Eric wasn’t gay. (the first romantic kiss between two gay teens would be on Desperate Housewives; and on Daytime TV would be Luke and Noah on As the World Turns). You can see the scene on YouTube.

    One of the earliest episodes of the 70’s Show also featured a scene where Eric streaked. I don’t know if Topher Grace was truly naked but you can see a lot of flesh as he ran across the screen. Could have been flesh-colored leotard or even computerized masking but it was pretty hot…

  • Jason

    In “Rim Dreams,” we see Topher shower (side and rear shot) and a bit of pubic hair as he pulls down his briefs before the camera switches angle and the light is turned off. The shot continues with him j/o in bed but we don’t really see his penis. We do see his legs spread, and hand sliding up and down in between his legs but it’s too dark to see if he’s really naked. His other hand is caressing all over his chest. The shots of his face and the sounds he makes are fantastic though. I kinda felt that those facial expressions were based on his real life experiences. BTW, he fills his briefs very well, if you know what I mean! Later, we also see Topher in the locker room but he’s wearing a jockstrap. He then throws the jockstrap at a friend’s face we don’t see him taking it off. Damn. Next we see him enter the shower but it’s too steamy to see his lower body. We do see other guys though, and several are clearly naked although we only see a little of their rears because of the steam. There are also some deep kissing scenes later but no nudity, and no sex (except with himself as described above).

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