A Prayer for Matthew Fox’s Chest Hair

Matthew Fox Shirtless

Everyone put down everything you’re holding right now and let us hold hands in prayer for Matthew Fox chest hair. I know there’s still some left in there but I’m beginning to worry because there’s no sign of development since we saw him shirtless in the last season of “Lost”. Okay, they might filmed this scene at the same time but that’s not the point. The point is Matthew should show us that his chest hair is indeed doing fine so I can sleep well again at night. If he needs any reference for comparison, this should be a good one.

Caps by Superherofan

Matthew Fox Shirtless

Matthew Fox Shirtless

Matthew Fox Shirtless

Matthew Fox Shirtless

Matthew Fox Shirtless

Matthew Fox Shirtless

Matthew Fox Shirtless

Matthew Fox Shirtless

Matthew Fox Shirtless

Matthew Fox Shirtless

Matthew Fox Shirtless

Matthew Fox Shirtless

  • Vaughan

    This is so wrong in so many levels… whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!??!!??

  • musicupper

    He looks a lot like Aaron Eckhart with that hair

  • OMG! Why?
    he looks aweful

  • WarpedRecord

    If he were naturally smooth, these would be gorgeous photos. Knowing Matthew as I do (which, sadly, isn’t in the biblical or even familial sense), these photos are nothing less than an abomination.

    Shaver, heal thyself!

  • DoverDavid

    So are these picture’s from “Lost”? Because at one time, he had hair on his chest, did he get bored on the island and decide to shave his chest to kill time? He should have left it, his chest looks better with it than without.

  • Deed

    Probably the same reason that any number of hot hairy-chested stars have turned up smooth shaven: gray hair. Apparently it isn’t that hard to dye the hair on the head, but the usual response to gray body hair is to shave it off. Which is a real shame, as a silver fox is way hotter than a plucked chicken.

  • Todd R

    The shaved chest highlights the fact that he’s not longer as toned as he used to be.

  • Kyle

    Yep – Matt’s gone gray, so the chest hair came off. And he was never toned, from what I remember – he was soft around the middle even dating back to his “Party of Five” days.

  • Joanna

    OMG!!!!!! I AM PISSED!!!! I don’t care if he is reeeeaaalll toned and I don’t care if he has grey hair on that adorable chest, this is truly an abomination and it should even be a sin!!! He had the most beautiful chest of hair I have seen on a very handsome man. His lil’ tummy was sweet and I love a man with a bit of belly. Matt’s was wonderful. How in the……..oh, never mind. It;s just hurts my sensibilities to see this happen to such a beautiful chest of gorgeous hair. I need to go and cry over lost treasures.

  • david888 Wood

    You’re 888% right. He looks sooo much better with what nature blessed him and us with. I hope it’s back on display again soon.

    I love his belly too.

  • bob

    He looks much, much better with hair. I hope someone gives him a reality check. I do, however, like his less than perfect body.

  • DoverDavid

    Speaking for someone who is salt and pepper in the hair color department, I would suggest to Mr. Fox that instead of the razor, he get some Just For Men.

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  • Kei

    He´s hot either hairy or noy

  • Danny

    I hate that Matthew shaved his chest. I remember the first time I saw him bare chested on Lost and thought he had the most beautiful chest of hair. I think it takes away from his looks not to see the chest hair – I agree with the others – grey hair is better than no hair. Matthew – please let it grow back!

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  • hairy lover

    can you please post some screen shots from the earlier episodes of Lost where he has his natural hairy chest please please please, i’m sure someone has the dvds.

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