Back on Track!


Alrighty then. After a week long hiatus, the delusional bitch that is me is back on track with more hot men! How are my minions doing so far? I just love to use the word ‘minions’ because it reminded me of the foulest computer game ever made next to “The Sims” and “SimCity 4” — “Diablo”, which I have wasted a few months of my life (if you total up the time) playing that shit. And I felt somehow superior, like a provider or something. Okay, not really. The truth is I’m begging you people PLEASE DON’T GO! Come back! I promise I will post more shirtless men! More hairy! More smooth! More funny! Come back and stay! Please!

While new posts will start tomorrow, prepare yourself for Easter with this handpicked, finer than fine collection of bunnies. Also thanks so much for all the wishes, I’m still not sharing any of my husbands and that is final.

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