Chris Messina in Six Feet Under

Chris Messina Shirtless

This is my last post of “Six Feet Under” caps and I definitely think that I saved the best for last. Even though Chris Messina was only on the show for the last season, I think the combination of his hot body and killer smile helped him edge out all the other guys to be the hottest, which is saying something considering the caliber of guys that “SFU” offered.

  • DoverDavid

    Never saw the show, but he’s a cutie.

  • He plays Vicky’s husband in “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”, where we can see some skin again. He’s got a nice body/hairy chest.


  • szoszo

    ah for me david will always be the no.1. 🙂 i miss this show…

  • robertg

    SFU: HBO’s great contribution to “how to do it” on TV. How to make a terrific show, that is. Written and produced by a gay man, as was most of his staff.
    This guy HOT! For those who haven’t seen the show, I think it’s available DVD. Worth it. Highly unusual, funny, charming, touching.

  • Patrick

    He was so gorgeous I could hardly follow the plot of this episode. As I recall Claire talked him into doing a nude photo shoot going on here.
    I watched all five seasons (DVD) of “SFU” and EVERY episode was perfect and flawless.

  • QCNiceGuy

    I loved that show and he was another fine example of perfect SFU casting. I miss it!

  • BiggestfAN

    This site got PHISING.

  • BiggestFAN

    Or as least that is what my browser says. I tried to tell you guys, but my comments was being no posted. Hope you fix it. Also i can enter squarehippies as, i gotta put the www before. And if i open on firefox (i use safari on mac) it says me “database error”

  • robertg

    ALWAYS enter the full website address. I have Internet Explorer and trying to shortcut brings up the same message.


    I played this seen over and over and over, he’s a HOT one!

  • Glen

    I miss SFU too….

    But he is YUM!!!

  • felix quinn

    Chris’ caps from Vicky-Cristina-Barcelona!! please!!
    he was So effin hot there 😀 and shirtless all the way XD

  • KMac

    Love and lust are the same thing. Right?

    This Guy is gorgeous.
    Also lovely in Julie and Julia

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