Gabriel Macht in The Spirit

Gabriel Macht Shirtless

What can I say? Sometimes an extremely sexy actor can make even the most obscene train-wreck of a movie watchable, and if this were just an ordinarily bad movie Gabriel Macht might have been able to save it. In the case of “The Spirit” however, Gabriel could have done the whole movie in nothing but a red jockstrap and I still wouldn’t be able to sit through the whole thing. Let’s hope that his career isn’t ruined by this and we get to see him sans shirt in something less awful.

Gabriel Macht Shirtless

Gabriel Macht Shirtless

Gabriel Macht Shirtless

Gabriel Macht Shirtless

Gabriel Macht Shirtless

Gabriel Macht Shirtless

  • I’ve yet to see this one. He clearly buffed up since his previous films and Gabriel has all the potential to be a MEGA star.

    Also is it just me or that eye mask is kind of a huge turn on? And Mr. Macht in nothing but a red jockstrap through the whole movie? I’d sit all the way through NOT blinking, thank you.

    Great caps, Psi!

  • Critter

    This is the guy from an episode of Sex and the City. The one where the guys in the city onlt date models. He is so cute!

  • Justin

    I remember him from hat Sex and the City role too but what I remember him most from is ” Because I Said So”. He wasn’t shirtless but he just smiles so damn cute.

  • KarmaLysing

    Psi, you’ll be delighted to know he’s already finished another film, a thriller called “Whiteout” which also features Alex O’Loughlin, and will be coming out this autumn most likely.

    Now, sit back for a moment and visualize both him and Alex O’Loughlin, sans various bits of clothing, in one movie…

  • WarpedRecord

    I can’t say why, but this spirit just doesn’t move me. Maybe if he took off the mask — and by “mask” I mean boxer shorts.

  • top10stud

    oddly enough, I usually hate comic book movies, but I kinda liked this one. It was just silly/campy enough to work. C’mon, SLJ was hilarious!

  • Mo

    Every time I think of Gabriel I think back to Because I Said So…Ooo Johnny.
    But THIS…..he is just beyond lickable.=P

  • Christian

    This guy is very hot!!! However, that hairline on his forehead is kind of disturbing…

  • BigDaddy

    Ummmm….mmm….Daddy like!

  • Did a short role as Naked Guy on “Spin City” I remember seeing that on t.v and was also in the t.v series “The Others” and even though I wasn’t aware that much of this comic book (The Spirit) I saw the whole thing in the Theatres and am getting around to buying it eventually on DVD.

    at least it doesn’t have as much bad language as “The Watchmen”did.

  • Bob

    Very nice body. Would like more fur but still like little he has.

  • inkd4life

    When I saw this on screen, I really thought that he had a little help from the old spray machine on those abs. But seeing the stills, looks like I was happily WRONG. I remember seeing him in some movie where he was a pilot or astronaut or something. Maybe Behind Enemy Lines? Can’t remember. But I always thought he was a total hottie. He just seems to be getting yummier.

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