Going Away Again

Joel McHale Shirtless

So here’s the thing. The reason for nil posts for these past few days is that I am now out of the country and yes, for friggin’ one more time in the same month. I clearly wasn’t kidding when I told you that I’m going to move to Iceland! There won’t be as much postings for a few more days or so, but I will try my best to keep the blog alive during the period. I’ve noticed a lot of things happened in my absence, like Joel McHale finally taking his shirt off in a proper manner (more about that later, of course). And by now you should already know the drill; entertain yourself at the ever growing forum (nearly 1200 registered droolers and counting!), our fantastic blogmates and discover previous posts that you might have missed.

Now on to this “phishing” thing. I don’t know what is wrong with the servers but the warnings are definitely not coming from our part. You can have my word on that. The guys are still working out things so hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.

If you’re new to this website, I am pretty sure you’ll see some of your favorites in the archives, even I myself can’t remember what I’ve posted before!

  • undapantsman

    joel mchale shirtless on the soup!? … WHY wasn’t i watching this episode! aww… and how come no screencaps? =[ i haz a sad.

  • DoverDavid

    Bye Square, have a nice time. In the mean time, go see, I Love You Man and try to comprehand why no one wants to be Paul Rudds friend or provide him with oral……………..I WILL I WILL I WILL!

  • nvm

    is that Ryan Seacrest on the screen in the back ?!

  • Todd R

    Oh yum! Thank you Joel. And thank you Square, you will be missed.

  • love the photos,especially jon hamm among others! love your blog. keep it going…

  • Raybish

    Talk about timing………I just clicked onto E news last night……and who do I see but Joel McHale with his shirt opened……..but too late to have seen the full chest version. I wanted to see more of him…………and now I have……..and not disappointed. Thanks for all the great pix, stories and especially your quirky humor………Ray

  • WarpedRecord

    Square: I hope everything OK with you and the site. Enjoy your time away, and we’ll keep in “touch.”

  • josh

    omg i died when i saw that on the soup. and i knew it would be posted here haha hes so hot. 🙂 id lick every part of him. excuse me while i go have fun w. this pic

  • robertg

    Have a grand time!! Take lots of pix. You’re more than entitled. The site contains hundreds of yet to be visited hunkolas. We will survive 🙂

  • Thank you guys SO much for the wishes. I will be back by latest Thursday. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. Seriously. THE. BEST.

  • loudrockmusic

    Are you really going to Iceland? We’ll miss you! Remember, Iceland is green and Greenland is ice!

  • loudrockmusic, you know I’m not. Exaggeration is my middle name. LOL

  • chris de la palm srings

    I LOVE YOUR SITE Don’t go away EVER!

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