Jonathan Schaech, Just Because

Jonathan Schaech

I know, I know. A shirtless, furry (clipped, but hey) Jonathan Schaech with his laptop reading Squarehippies is SO last week, but I just have to post him here otherwise the follicle gods will be so mad at me they won’t let me see a hairy chest for the rest of the week! Hotness truly starts at 40 indeed. Now, I need something to grate with that abs. Anyone? No? Oh well I’ll just sit on it  and let it grate my arse instead.

Popwrap via Oh No They Didn’t

Johnathan Schaech

  • I still remember how charismatic he was way back in “The Doom Generation.” Crazy movie with Rose McGowan, Margaret Cho and Lauren Tewes!

  • KarmaLysing

    Steve Jones and Jonathan Schaech… Separated at birth? Reunited in my bedroom? What say you?

  • DoverDavid

    MOVE the freakin laptop!!!!!!

  • robertg

    Johnathan is shown in his full, unclipped glory in an extraordinarily DUMB but yet very funny in numerous places, Aussie movie, “Welcome to Woop Woop” with Rod Taylor looking absolutely horrible. He once was a hunky, chunk with an amazing gingery chest. Long ago, alas. These pix very sexy, look at those legs!, but the manscaping is a crime.

  • robertg

    what a product placement plug for Mac!

  • 24gotham

    At least he has sense enough to go with a Mac… Legwarmers….

  • white panda

    Strange…at first glance, I passed this man off as average. However, every time I look at the picture he gets more and more attractive.

  • Nandini

    I love the look in his eyes. It looks like he’s saying “Hi. I’ve been waiting a while.” 🙂

  • Randall

    Thank you!

    It is hard to find, but the quirky Australian movie, “Welcome to Woop Woop,” is fun, and there is an outdoor shower scene — and Jonathan’s divine butt.

  • Now if could just lay down the clipper (chest) and the razor/waxzz (Abs and treasur trail) this guy would be so perfect…

  • Dene

    LOVE Jonathan Schaech-!!! He’s so gorgeous-!!!

    He’s kind of a paler Cheyenne Jackson. At least in this particular picture.

  • Dene

    LOVE Jonathan Schaech-!!!! What a smile-!!! And what a body-!!! Even his foot is sexy-!?!

    He’s kind of a paler Cheyenne Jackson. At least in this particular pic.

  • Joanna

    OMG!!! That is one of the most gorgeous young men I have ever had the pleasure to lay my ol’ eyes on. Were I built like a model and be my age, I would be hot Cougar loping in his direction!!! This man is stunning. Legs, feet arms and face and especially that gorgeous chest!! YUMMMMMM!!!!!

    And, damnit!!!! I totally agree abuot the manscaping thing. STOP IT!!!!! Too many gorgeous men are doing it and it’s disgusting. All that beautiful, soft, warm man scaped away. I think it is abhorrent!! I lovez the fuzz

  • robertg

    I second your notion. Try to find “Welcome to Woop Woop”. No disappointment there 😛

  • deejum

    Jonathan Schaech, just because…he is one of the sexiest mf’ers around…and always will be. I so want to make him my bitch.

  • WOW. That’s a great picture of Jonathan Schaech, really sexy.

  • Milton

    I wanna be that laptop!!!!!

  • Glen

    HOTNESS personifide!

  • Devyn

    Jonathon Schaech-the very hottest even in 2013. Absolutely willing to share his body with the viewers-Obviously, Jonathon loves to play with his nice hard nipples a lot on the screen.

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