Not Enough Skin!

Jay Harrington Shirtless

I don’t know how many times I’ve said that phrase before. Let’s just hope this is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come in future episodes. Jay Harrington gave us some preview of his fuzzy-ish chest in this week’s episode of “Better Off Ted”. Gosh he looks just GAWJUS in a suit.  That said, there are so many scenes I can think of where he can lose the shirt and pants around the office. Come to think of it, I prefer to have him like this. Shirt open, on the table. Mmm… These are capped by Groopi, which has recently started his own blog to house his delectable caps. I know I will be coming back again and again!

Jay Harrington Shirtless

Jay Harrington Shirtless

Jay Harrington Shirtless

Jay Harrington Shirtless

Jay Harrington Shirtless

Jay Harrington Shirtless

  • That’s the ideal type of work place.


  • cha

    mmmm… he is still hot.

  • Todd R

    Looks like he has it where it counts.

  • ResDes2

    OMG yes! When I was watching this episode and I heard they were gonna bump uglies, I was like, “SHIRT OFF NOW!!” And then all I get was this? I’m grateful but maybe more than two seconds would be better.

    But I’m glad someone else agrees!

  • MuFu

    What the hell?!

  • Deon

    That guy is so adorable. I initially watched this show for him. . until I realized that it as a funny show.

  • bro

    This show is hilarious and Jay is beyond hot. I remember watching/reading an interview where he said that he had one episode with a shirtless scene, so I was a little disappointed that his shirt was still mostly on… Bring on next season I say…

  • WarpedRecord

    This man is the very embodiment of masculinity and will only improve with age. I also love the constant stubble he has, though I’d love to see him with a full mustache or beard.

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