R.I.P Mah Husbands

Mah Squeezes

No technically they’re not gone yet (if they were I will shut down this whole damn blog totally — no kidding) but the term “husband” is. Usually I would refer all four of my imaginary significant others as husbands but after a while it got old and not quite relevant anymore, since I know for a fact that some of us actually has REAL husbands be it with the same or opposite sex. While I’m still ultimately looking for someone to club and drag him back to my love cave, I will officially replace the said term with SQUEEZE. So we have Sudeikis as mah main squeeze, Krasinski second, Rudd third and last but not least (I’m talking about chest hair) Jon friggin’ Hamm. So now that settled let’s move on to stuff.

Thanks a lot Jay!

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