R.I.P Mah Husbands

Mah Squeezes

No technically they’re not gone yet (if they were I will shut down this whole damn blog totally — no kidding) but the term “husband” is. Usually I would refer all four of my imaginary significant others as husbands but after a while it got old and not quite relevant anymore, since I know for a fact that some of us actually has REAL husbands be it with the same or opposite sex. While I’m still ultimately looking for someone to club and drag him back to my love cave, I will officially replace the said term with SQUEEZE. So we have Sudeikis as mah main squeeze, Krasinski second, Rudd third and last but not least (I’m talking about chest hair) Jon friggin’ Hamm. So now that settled let’s move on to stuff.

Thanks a lot Jay!

  • Mike

    Good, that was kind of creepy (not just you, but everyone who overuses that term).

  • Myridom

    I prefer the term “Future Ex-Husband” myself… LOL

  • robertg

    Having had one of the female variety [absolute NOTHING wrong with the fair sex in general–God love ’em!] for many years, I don’t want another wife of that sex or any other sex, a main squeeze isn’t about to get in either. And most certainly not a HUSBAND. Life is already TOO complicated. A totally independent, hermit-like, solitary, non-involved, non-committed, rather miserable consequently, life is the one for me.

    Nah, not miserable. I have squarehippies for solace, comfort and fantasies, two wonderful daughters, and 2 terrific grandsons. Yes, a REALLY OLD fart. Guess what? If you’re lucky, the enjoyment of sex goes on and on. Don’t believe rumors or condescending remarks to the contrary. And, never forget this, there is no substitute for quality of inventive experience.

  • Dan

    Eh, I like the term ‘husbands.’ My work friends and I call our hot guy crushes our ‘husbands’ and ‘boyfriends’ even though the terms aren’t remotely applicable. That’s why it’s fun.

    Squeeze. Ehh, not so much.

  • Tom

    Paul Rudd will always be my top HUSBAND!!! He is not my squeeze as I do not like that term. I have a real husband and I am a real husband..so we are both husbands. But hey there is always enough room for one in my fantasy!!
    Paul Rudd fills this very nicely…and he is even hotter in person than in films. Met him after “Three Days of Rain” which he stole from Julia Roberts.
    He is the HOT ONE!!

  • David1969

    Much ado about nothing…..personally I would refer to them as “My Main Fuck”….but that is just me….I’m a pig….Oink, Oink…..LOL

  • Z

    LOL I also overused the word husband…. future husband, future ex-husband….. but I agree, squeeze doesn’t do for me

  • Dieguito

    I think that square now has a REAL husband who doesn’t likes that he has 4 imaginary husbands, so, now they are just squeezes 😛

  • Joanna

    Dear Robertg,

    I am in complete and total agreement with your choosen life style. Been
    there and did that other stuff. Hate it!! Just friends and I am happy. No other commitments A-Tall!!!!!!

    And oh man, I am going to miss our Lord and Master of the Squarehippes. But he will come through and I am very willing to wait for the glorious sights that will be coming up for our enjoyment. I love this site!!!!


  • robertg

    Jo: kind words. always welcome. thanx much. Our Lord and Master said he was returning Thursday. I’ve marked every calendar in red and plan to have the PC monitor and the laptop on, charged up with the cursor pointed at http://www.squarehippies.com ready to click at a nanosecond’s notice. Hail To The Chief, and a SPEEDY return! 🙂 [pretty selfish, huh?]

  • Phil

    Well if Square won’t drag me off to his love cave…(ya can’t rape the willing)…Then Travis Fimmel is still my husband…

  • Germie

    The only dating I believe in is the imaginary kind with celebrities or fictional characters. Right now I’m in a torrid relationship with Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

    So, wait, Square, does this mean you are off the market?

  • talktothesand

    I’ve heard people who refer to celebrity crushes as “my future husband” “soon to be boyfriend” etc. but “Mah Husband” sounds like chanspeak.

  • Well from past experience I’ve learned not to use one word too many times, and although the term “squeeze” might be used a lot we can definitely play around with some other terms as well. In other news, I am on the verge on returning my ass soon so watch out!

    Phil, my love cave is always open — but you have to be this hairy to enter.

    Joanna & robertg, you guys just made my day!

    Dieguito, !!!!!!

  • sally

    you’re husbands, correction: squeezes are almost the same as mine!

    Paul and John <3

    but i love me some Forte (but i truly wanna add Ledger or Gosling hehe)

  • sally

    sorry i meant “your”

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