The Flash Game of Our Dreams!

Jersey Swap

Like half of you, I’m always annoyed with websites that have Flash animation in them. All that changed today. F.N (I owe you my first born) sent me this super addictive “Super 14 Jersey Swap” from Adidas and I still can’t stop playing til now. It basically merges the ancient jock art of jersey swapping and the latest multimedia technology to give us skin loving folks the Flash game of our effing dreams! Also, do NOT forget to replay the animation in SLOW MO. That’s right… Adidas read my mind like a friggin’ book and I’m burning all my Nikes tonight! Now if only they make this for, um let’s see… every hot athlete that ever existed?

The athletes featured are from the Super 14 championship, which is the largest rugby union football club championship in the southern hemisphere (thanks Wikipedia). We’re talking about studs from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. I never heard of any one of them before but WHO EFFING CARES. My favorites are Tamati Ellison, Jimmy Cowan and Ali Williams. Oh well… I’ve tried every single possible combination there is anyways and will try them again after I post this. Now go swap them jerseys! And you’re welcome.

Super 14 Jersey Swap at Adidas New Zealand

Jersey Swap

Jersey Swap

Jersey Swap

Jersey Swap

Jersey Swap

Jersey Swap

Jersey Swap

Jersey Swap

Jersey Swap

  • Todd R

    tons of enjoyment there

  • Devyn

    Oh Damn! Hot even without the hairy goodness…

  • This is soooo much fun!!!
    I couldn’t stop giggling xxxxxxly (wherever this xxxxxx you want it to be LOL)
    Oh I gotta play this again!

  • zizzybaloobah

    Damn you! I will never get anything done at work or at home, for many days now — I can’t stop watching these guys…

  • Mo

    Whoever thought this up is a god damn GENUIS!!!

    and I will be there all day.

  • Rob

    I need to start watching these guys for sure. Esp the one in the black shorts.

  • GlenCoco

    Bookmarked! hahaha

  • Bob

    Personally, I like numbers 1 and 2. Luvc the beffiness. Wish there was chest hair tho.

  • That is the best waste of time I have ever seen in my life. 🙂 Great find!

  • martyboi

    This is why I like rugby 🙂

    If you like them – Google Dan Carter 😀

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