You, On the Left

Brazilian Soccer Team Shirtless

Yes, you! What the hell are you wearing? Or more (in)appropriately, did you let something out? I demand you to stand up so I can see clearly. Now. Okay, I am obviously exaggerating but it never hurts to let your imagination excercise once in a while. This is the Brazilian soccer team relaxing in the pool with their cocks out before they play against Peru tonight. I’m still curious what’s that dark spot supposed to be. Any ideas?

Terra Esportes via Made in Brazil

Brazilian Soccer Team Shirtless in Pool

Also, Kaka, just because.

Kaka Shirtless

  • Danniella

    They are wearing undies, the dark spot is the shadow of their face. LOL. I thought it was their junks to, but i realised it wouldnt be that hairy. LOL

  • David1969

    I don’t know….it looks awfully suspicious to me….I’ve been with my fair share of South American men and can say from a personal eye level that yes they can be that bushy….these boys rock!!!

  • Tom

    Looks like they have some kind of small bathing suit on.
    Nice hot men to enjoy ….

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