Alex O’Loughlin in Feed

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless in Feed

We’re not never done with Alex O’Loughlin and the brilliantness of KarmaLysing strikes again! Here is her take on “Feed”, capped by Superherofan:

Let’s get one thing out of the way early on:  “Feed” is a REALLY WEIRD FILM.
In it, Alex O’Loughlin plays a guy who is sexually obsessed with basically feeding women to death.  (Much of the film invovles his sessions of masturbating while feeding his current, increasingly obese, “work of art”).  An Australian cyber-crimes investigator gets involved because he posts his activities online. Make no mistake about it, the subject matter is disturbing; and O’Loughlin’s character, Michael Metszencalmpf, a.k.a. Michael Carter, raises the bar on pervvy creepiness at least two notches, (and possibly even three or four).
Now for the good news:  Alex spends roughly half the film stark, staring NEKKID!!!!  For “Feed”, he went very blond, aggressively manscaped, and accented with some tastefully-placed tattoos.  As much of a skell as his character may be, he’s still intensely charismatic, disturbingly sexy, and HOTTER THAN HELL.
So, ignore the subject matter, don’t feel bad, shut off those higher brain functions, and just drool.

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

  • szoszo

    i dont want to know whats happening on the 6h picture…. sweet jesus…

  • Joanna

    I saw this movie and I hated it. I only watched it because I love Alex as an actor and he is a hottie. But in this movie he was a deranged feeder. Also, there’s that damn manscaping crap again. Alex has an gorgeous chest of hair and I am so sick of that manscaping s–t I could scream. And a lot of the movies I see have the women’s boobs practicaly hanging out. How about some more of the men’s chests showing, especially the gorgeous ones with hair???????

    Thanks for this though. But I still love Alex with his glorious hairy chest!!

  • Bianca33

    Alex looks great with or without hair. In Feed, it was necesary to have him without that glorious chest hair, but trust me, he is still very hot!


    6th pic, ?Post coital?

  • sassywench

    Hot, hairy or smooth! Prefer hairy though. Now, I am interested in this film. It sounds very disturbing!!

  • robertg

    yummmm. slurp, sloop [licking fingers] crinkle, crackle [opening Snickers wrapper] uuuumph! oooooofh! [stuffing down entire watermelon rind and all] smaaaaack, spluuuurfth [chomping on dismembered, bbq’d chicken, including bones, gizzard, heart, liver,] gurgle, gloggle [pouring Hershey’s chocolate syrup down throat] spizzzzzzzzzzztt! [squirting Redi-Whip directly into mouth cavity] crunch, crunch, [masticating marachino cherries, entire bottle]


    Oh, sorry. I got a bit carried away with the movie theme. Say, is Alex O’Loughlin in this flick? Didn’t recognize him with all his manhoodish hirsuteness gone.

    FLAAAARP! [gas escaping after downing 4 Alka-Seltzers]

  • Ok, this is nice and all, but what about that amizing chest hair? He looks incomplete.


  • Celtcub

    I have to say I saw this one a long time ago and LOVE this film It is so sick and twisted. I seriously doubt American movie goers would even get it. It’s one I have in my DvD Collection though.
    I did take notice of him in the film, mainly because he so naked and well built, but his co star (the man, not the blob on the bed) was MUCH sexier.

  • DoverDavid

    I want my Alex ONLY WITH CHEST HAIR!

  • DoverDavid

    CBS in one fell swoop ordered seven new shows for the 2009-10 season, including projects that will bring familiar faces Alex O’Loughlin, Jenna Elfman and Julianna Margulies back to the tube, sources say.

    The new shows getting the OK from the Eye are:

    -Three Rivers, starring O’Loughlin and revolving around organ transplant surgeons

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  • EvaB

    He looks great (as always) from neck down… what happened to his hair? he fell head fist into bleach? The blond looks is just horrible… ew…

  • MichaelC2B

    I love this movie. Alex really showed off with his portrayal of Michael. Alex is hot no matter what he does to himself, and I admire the way he does different things like waxing his chest and going blond to make each character so unique. He is like a chameleon – a beautiful one at that. Anyone who has seen him as Marcus in The Invisible knows that he is even hot with his head shaved!
    Anyway, FEED and Michael rock – can’t watch it enough.

  • bec

    and they had 2 blur it out. 🙁

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