Alex O’Loughlin in Moonlight

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Note from the Squareness: Alex O’Loughlin is one of those hairy hunks of whom I wanted to post since the dawn of civilization but haven’t got the chance to since there are so many others that got in the way. Damn all these furry mancakes! Here’s an excelllent writeup from our very own KarmaLysing. As you can see, she’s totally giving me a run for my monay. Female represent!

Who’s the hottest vamp, EVAH? If you answered “Edward Cullen”, feel free to go back to grade school, sweetie. The hottest vamp, E V A H!!! is Mick St. John, as portrayed by Australian (naturally) hottie Alex O’Loughlin in the far-too-short-lived CBS t.v. series, “Moonlight”. This man has it all… The looks, the beautiful bedroom eyes, the killer smile (with or without fangs… lol…), the sexy voice, the intense charisma, the nicely-but-not-overly-toned body, the natural, unadulterated “Please run your hands over me now” fuzz… Oh, and did I mention he’s Australian? Heh. As an added bonus, he’s a really good actor!

For reasons which I would think are… ahem… Rather obvious… During his brief 16-episode run as Mick St. John, Vampire P.I.; Alex acquired such a rabidly loyal following of fans, (who spammed CBS into oblivion when they canceled “Moonlight”), that CBS offered him another starring role. Sadly, they’re not bringing “Moonlight” back. Instead, this autumn, he’ll be playing a famous transplant surgeon on a series called “Three Rivers”. Given the track record of recent medical shows on American television, the likelihood he won’t be losing clothes on a semi-regular basis is slim. YAY FOR US!

Also this autumn, he’ll be co-starring in a thriller called “Whiteout” with Kate Beckinsdale. Given the track record of her male co-stars in several of her recent films, (The first two “Underworld” installments, “Van Helsing”), and given this tidbit from Alex’s interview with T.V. Guide: “… And get this one – in one scene, O’Loughlin runs across the ice, wearing only boots and a furry hat…” clearly, we have a lot to look forward to this autumn. Heh HEH.

In the meantime, here are some caps from “Moonlight” to whet your appetite by Superherofan. So to speak. (Evil chuckle).

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

  • robertg

    C’mon over, baby, I have a jugular for you. mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!:P

  • jenjen

    Oh how I love this site. Love. Love. Love O’Loughlin.

  • willing freshie

    The man is one of a kind, that’s for sure. BTW, his pilot is not a sure thing yet for the fall. We are waiting and praying for it to be picked up at the Upfronts on May 20. Go Alex!

  • alavenia

    Alex O’loughlin is a terrific actor, we are also looking forward to see him starring along to Jennifer Lopez in the romantic comedy “The Back-Up Plan” that starts filming next week!
    Thanks for the yummy pics!

  • Alex O’Loughlin effortlessly combines fantastic handsomeness with extreme talent, a lovely sense of humor, confidence and wisdom. He deserves to go way to the top in Hollywood, because he’s so much more than just another sexy actor – with him the possibilities are endless. Thanks for the delicious pictures! Okay, and now I go and splash some cold water into my face 😛

  • WarpedRecord

    I’m needing my fix … of coffee, of course! This man is easy on the eyes — as well as the tongue, presumably!

  • Marisa

    Thanks for the article, I have liked all very much, the comments and of course the fantastic photos.
    I agree in that Alex’s way goes directly towards the well fully deserved success, he is an incredible actor inside a very nice, pleasant, elegant and sexy man, but especially big person.
    Very soon everybody will know who Alex Óloughlin is and they will appreciate his big work in all his value.
    Greetings from Spain.

  • I can’t wait to see Alex in all his new works!

  • Connie

    Alex is as talented as he is hot. CBS will probably pick up his new series and I can’t wait for his movies that are coming up.

    Thanks for the pics!

  • Alex O’Loughlin is a great actor! Thank you for the sexy pics!

  • MariaMoonlight

    Alex O’Loughlin is going to be a Super Star .. He’s a great actor and he can play any part. We are looking forward to his next project..The Back-UP Plan co starring Jennifer Lopez.

  • Seanad

    Alex is an amazing actor who I was delighted to see on Criminal Minds it has been far too long since I seen him on screen now he has Whiteout and Back up Plan and hopefully 3Rivers, he will be a superstar,

  • QCNiceGuy

    All I can do is echo the thanks of those before me for posting such a man!

  • Bianca33

    Thank you or this super-yummy pics of this amazing actor. He is not only a dream man, but an amazing actor like no other.

  • Moonlightaddicted

    Thank you very much for this biggest article. You have painted the portrait of him perfectly. Alex is an excellent actor, good person and also he is the most attractive vampire of the history.And thanks for putting these so sexy photos.

  • robertg

    A confession which will likely bring a plague of frogs down upon my head: I’ve never heard of this man.

    BUT, if KL takes it upon herselfness to write such an article with the glowingest of terms, it is time to rectify the sitchiashun.

    U C, other than “The Lost Boys” and “Interview With A Vampire”, both of which I thought were pretty hot given I don’t have any sort of vampire thing going, the only other really terriff movie of the sort to me is “Nosferatu” and, believe me, there’s NO one in that film to drool over.

  • sassywench

    I loved him on Moonlight and was sad when the show was cancelled. His chest hair looks a bit on the manscaped side in some of the photos from the show. I really like the other one you posted where his chest hair is growing wild and free!

  • DoverDavid

    Drop the white draw string pants and show me what’s down under!!!!

  • Terry

    No doubt about it, he IS hot…but there will never be a vamp hotter than David Boreanaz’ “Angel”. BITE ME, BABY!

  • MichaelSATX

    Now we’re talking! Wowza!

  • robertg

    uh, how did this vampire thing get started? and why is it so popular at this time? Anne Rice? Surely not Bram Stoker?! There must be something incredibly appealing, sexy even, about blood sucking anthropormorphic chioptera that I’m clearly missing.

  • KarmaLysing

    Vamps always get real popular when the economy is down. There’s this complicated psychological theory into which I won’t go here, but it involves the “power, infinite wealth, and immortality” thing.

    I’ll give a call-out to Chelsea Quinn Yarbro at this point, because she has the moxie to explore the downside of immortality in her “St. Germain Chronicles”.

    Oh, and chioptera… ROFLMFAO… squeek, squeek, squeek. :-[ )

  • Moonlightaddicted

    Thanks for this marvelous article and for the gorgeous pics of Alex O’Loughlin. He is an excellent actor, a great person and also it is very sexy. It has led the most sexy vampire of the history.Love Alex.!!

  • Hools5

    Thank you for these gorgeous piccies of our drop dead gorgeous man. Can’t wait to see him grace our screens again very soon hopefully on 3Rivers

  • Joanna

    YYYYYYAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!! At last!!!! I have waited for this man to be posted
    since I first became a member of this awesome site!!! Alex is one of the most gorgeous men to grace my TV screen. If he wanted to suck my neck, I’d throw myself in his arms and die for him. This is one beautiful man with a beautiful voice and body to match and makes for one gorgeous man. OMG, I could drool over him forever.

    Thank You so much!!!!!

  • rickg

    First, its terrific to see all the comments on a man well worth it. I think Alex is a super actor who needs the recognition and more leading roles. I fell in love with him the first time I ever saw his work. He makes the heart beat whatever he does. A great star from inside to “outside.” Ooohhh.

  • robertg

    KL: “chioptera”, oh, I’m so proud of my smart-ass little sefl! Economy:vamp.
    Isn’t that interesting? Jeez, you have a scholarly approach [much admired, BTW]. I’ll hie myself to the local lib. and take out the St. Germain Chronicles. New to me. Aside: curious to know if you are a fellow crosswords addict?

  • hjs1985

    Finally a page for one of the hottest vampire. I so love this guys and I love watching him being a bad boy vamp on moonlight. Thanks square

  • robertg

    KharmaL: I’m so impressed! I just noticed you wrote the very erudite if a bit emotive, for some unknown reason, prologue. That means you are clearly up-to-date on this show in every way.

    So, where do you think they got those cool kitchen cabinets? Would you find out? Maybe Ikea? If so, I’m not interested because those things are damnably difficult to put together. The Swiss think everyone is as clever at tinkering around with complicated gadgetry as they are.

    Please make the necessary inquiries.

    Thank you ever so. In advance, dahlinque. [that’s a Swiss word I just made up on my own.] 😉

  • robertg

    Oh, also, why is this person brushing his teeth in the kitchen? Does he hang upside down all night in the nearby pantry or something? It’s just all so very, very ODD.

  • robertg

    BTW: fact: bats make their landing upside-down, feet first. Amazin’ mammals! They also know who everyone else is. By smell.

  • Glen

    I do think it is GREAT when an expat Aussie makes it in tinsel town.

    He is so very HOT and it is a shame that Moonlight was canned.

    If U get the chance rent or buy the Oyster Farmer his first role I believe and he gets shirtless.

  • vanhenry71

    Was very pissed when they took Moonlight off and kept those sitcoms. Alex made me watch every week! Yummmmmy!

  • mckinna


  • Boyd Spence

    “Who’s the hottest vamp, EVAH? If you answered “Edward Cullen”, feel free to go back to grade school, sweetie. The hottest vamp, E V A H!!! is Mick St. John”

    I would disagree with you on that hehe =)


    Stephen Moyer, from True Blood

  • KMac

    I’m tempted to side with Boyd here,

    I think Alex may have the NARROWEST possible edge over Stephen Moyer.
    However Stephen has vamped twice now, so I vote him to 1 degree hotter.

    Stephen Moyer was HOT as HELL in Men Only (A programme shown on Ch4 but not available on DVD as far as I can tell )

    He then Vamped in Ultrviolet (alongside the gorgeous Jack Davenport)

    I agree with Boyd that he is at his hottest in True Blood


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  • EvaB

    He’s incredibly hot, Hot… HOT!… I deeply envy the makeup artist who gets to conceal all of his tattoos (since he has lots of them, and in the best places too, yum… or at least i think that’s how it’s done)

    As for the hottest wamp… Alex clearly wins that one, but anyone of you saw Dracula 2000? It’s an incredibly B rate movie, but Gerald Butler was quite gorgeous as well.

    The “brushing teeth in kitchen” thing… he turned back to human in 13th episode, so he had to do the humanly stuff as well… and since he probably doesn’t need the bathroom most of the time… there you go… 😉



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