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Michael Fitt Shirtless

As I make my way to the shallow end of the pool, here is shirt hating model and “internet celebrity” Michael Fitt. It’s quite a risk to take “Fitt” as your stage name, but I guess as long as you keep yourself in shape you’ll be fine. What I like about Michael Fitt (besides his name and the fact that he’s so friggin’ fine) is that he has decided to upstage everyone else in the models / trainers set by doing a full blown paysite; clips, cam shows, clothings, even his first fucking expensive “nude” DVD! Milk that cow dry, baby! Instead of going to “those” sites (don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about) he did everything himself. That makes him an entrepreneur as well. A model, a personal trainer, an entreprenur — is there anything this guy can’t do?

Okay, my crotch is giving me the side eye as I type this, so I shouldn’t make further eyerolls and shut the hell up. Enjoy, bitches!

Michael Fitt’s official website via We Love Guys

Michael Fitt Shirtless

Michael Fitt Shirtless

Michael Fitt Shirtless

Michael Fitt Shirtless

Michael Fitt Shirtless

Michael Fitt Shirtless

Michael Fitt Shirtless

  • DoverDavid

    There are SO many other things on line for free better than this guy!

  • Phil

    Well that sure made my um “temperature” rise… lol

  • Brisy Boi

    HMMMMM delightful
    Dont you think he resembles another, more hairier hunk by the name of Chris Evans?

  • johnloche

    yeah… He does look like Chris Evans…. And yes there are even hotter models like Joey Kirchner… Now he’s drool-worthy…

  • robertg

    Square: just so you don’t get your undies in a bunch, I think this guy’s pretty hot, and pretty too. Now, i looked up Mr. kirchner. I’m clearly not of an age to understand the appeal and even if i did, that horrendous half-chest tattoo
    ruins any chance he might have for eye-worthiness. what was he thinking?

  • Brendan

    He’s so fit, he deserves a third “t”. Or, a third “m” in “yummy”.

  • Something tells me douche for some reason.

  • Thank you for the post and all the great comments.

    Michael Fitt

  • Christopher

    to Squarehippies- i do agree with you that Michael is beyond fine. so i went
    his website to see what he had to offer. i found many interesting quite drool
    inducing things. unfortunately i only have AmEx so i e-mailed the site and asked
    how one can join and buy items from the store page if you only have AmEx.
    that was three days ago and i’ve received no reply. so my question is simple-
    does Michael quite literarly do everything himself and he has no office manager
    or website adminstrator etc….. that answers e-mails? his site appears to be
    quite fan friendly and he seems quite appreciative of his fans so i’m surprised that i’ve yet to receive a reply to my e-mail.

  • Kass

    he is super hot man! he really does do everything, he is even a foot model. he has nice feet!!!

  • I do not regret what I said.

  • Bakleeta

    To KASS:

    When you say “he really does everything”, what do you mean?

    Also, does he jack off or get dildo-fucked in any of hsi videos especially in his almost $80 DVD?????

  • David in Houston

    Oh boy, he is VERY pretty isn’t he? Pretty face and body… what’s not to like? Of course, I have no plans to buy anything from his website. But I do appreciate that he keeps his body in fantastic shape. Thanks, Michael!

  • This may change you’re mind about him totally. Check out what he likes to do in his spare time.

    • OMG. He. Can. Offend. Me. Anytime.

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  • Curtis

    OMG I think I am in love!! Damn he is sexy as hell and looks well endowed!! Love these pics HOT HOT HOT!! Thanks

  • Eric

    He looks like a tiny man, maybe 5’4″ maybe 5″8″

  • Nick

    what are “those sites” Square?
    anyone care to elaborate and give a list?

  • ANON

    I know him in person when he use to work at a gym called planet fit…

    the dude is tiny, 160 @ maybe 5’6

    can maybe get away with 5’7 with shoes

  • Dany

    You should see his brother Christian, he so much more my type. Tall dark and handsome 🙂 It’s a shame he’s straight 🙁

  • Novry Andersoon

    Waww you so Beautiful Men!.I Like You!!!!!

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