Guess This Hairy Chest

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

For this fine furry Australian import (not Hugh Jackman) fans, this should be a piece of cake. Think of this as a teaser of more goodness to come from this dark vampy hotness. I know for a fact that someone will be licking her monitor this morning!

It’s Alex O’Loughlin from “Oyster Farmer”. Oh baby, you can farm my oyster any time.

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

What’s that my love? Alright.

Alex O'Loughlin Shirtless

Alex O'Loughlin in Oyster Farmer

  • DoverDavid

    NICE! He’s very sexy, hope he gets another tv show again!

  • robertg

    Jon Stewart! Jon Stewart! No? I don’t think Jon’s an Aussie either. What happened at that bare patch between pecs. Too much licking?

  • Kimberly

    He just had a guest villain role on Criminal Minds. He played a very deranged, but very human kind of killer.

  • Todd R

    He’s very hot.

  • hempster

    square you never let me down…
    nice find…thanks!

  • rickg

    OOohhhh Alex has been on my wall since i first saw him on Moonlight. Terrific actor and very sexy man. Wish he’d be on the tube on a regular basis. Think he’d have loads of fans… US!!!

  • He is so HOT!!! FURRYLICIOUS!!!

  • Joanna

    Now there is one import that I would love to pick up at Pier One!!!!!!!!!
    Alex is so hot, he sizzles when you touch him, and that awesome Aussie accent is to die for. This is one gorgeous, adorable man. I hate it that “Moonlight” was taken off. I know it’s on Sci-Fi, but there won’t be anymore segments made, and that means no more new vamp shows with this awesome Aussie in them. I hate him on “Criminal Minds”, as I love the man too much to see him being the bad guy!!! But, he is good!

  • WarpedRecord

    Let’s hope someday they perfect scratch ‘n’ sniff software so we can get the whole picture.

  • Reese

    “Guess This Hairy Chest” is my favorite game on this website. I never guess the answer correctly, but it’s still fun to play.

  • I want him!

  • Phil

    I love this site…

  • Vanhenry71

    OMG! Yep I miss him in Moonlight! They going to put those episodes on DVD anytime soon???

  • jenjen

    OMG, I was just thinking about Alex after watching a youtube vid of him. I came to Squarehippies to see if you had a page for him and wham, he was your mystery chest. Seriously far out.

  • libby

    hot pics!! alex was really good on criminal minds! He will be in “whiteout” coming to theaters in sept. He has a scene where he runs thru the snow in just his hat and boots!!!

    I miss moonlight so much!

    Alex was really good in that aussie miniseries “the journey of mary bryant”

  • Dude, i’d give him my all, he makes me feel so good inside, since a while ago – you remember ( -, but these pics just made me go crazy bananas tonight. F*cking hot armpit, dude.


  • chad

    do you realize there’s an advert for laser hair removal ON YOUR SITE!

  • sassywench

    DROOL!!!!!! Let me compose myself and say these are among the best pictures on this site!

  • armpitlover

    OMG!! just what I wanted. mmmm wanna sniff them pits!

  • rodthehorny

    nice lickable arm pit, i bet that smells good.

  • larryk91

    Oh my he is well put together!!Can i get a napkin?!?!

  • Bob

    Wow, very nice. Beautiful soft fur, nice pits and very lickable nipps. What a dream.

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  • John Smith

    Why do I keep coming back to this? I guess it’s because I’m a seeker of truth. As John Keats said, beauty is truth. And there’s nothing more beautiful in the entire universe than a manly, well-muscled, lean & hairy chest. Even if we have to import them from Down Under.

  • hally

    He was so pretty in this film. Shots of the pier scene or the crotch scene would be nice but def not work safe!

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