How Does This Make You Feel?

Joe Jonas in InStyle

You see, this is exactly the reason why I created this “How Does This Make You Feel” thing. It’s like sharing the guilt with everyone without having to take any! How does a wet, fuzzy Joe Jonas from InStyle make you feel? Personally, he looks kinda doable in these pictures with those adequately hairy pits and chest. Also, that last picture did things to me. Wait, forget I said that!

Joe Jonas Wet

Joe Jonas Wet

Joe Jonas Wet

Joe Jonas Wet

  • DoverDavid


  • Johnloche

    too cute and too hot to be true! He’s mine…. Hands off!!!

  • WannaBuyADuck

    too pouty. too modelly

  • Vaughan

    Horrified… that’s gross.

  • yukoner

    I agree about the last pic… hope he stays away from the razor… with the hair I feel a little less like a pervert looking at him 🙂

  • Nate


  • Aaaaand chest hair is suddenly gross.

  • KarmaLysing

    He’s the oldest, right? He has some small potential to get past being “twinky” and actually attain “hot”. I hold out no hope for the other two.

  • cronusraven

    Is anyone at all perturbed by the constant array of mixed messages these manufactured Disney celebs send out? Guess the promise rings don’t mean that you can’t get all provocative and sexual, as long as you don’t follow through.

    Normally I love this sort of thing…but I hate the smarmy holier than thou crap these boys and their female partner in crime try to peddle..oy!

  • Robert

    This is the middle child Jonas brother….eh he’s okay. Let’s see him in 5 to 10 years though…

  • Phil

    OK now I get it…I’m with Kathy Griffin-“Sorry Gays(about the Jonas Brothers)I just don’t get it”…Kathy Griffin, in her newest show…

  • robertg

    Isn’t this just going to scare the living crap out of his little tweeny fans?
    eeeeeeeeww! All that HAIRY stuff.. ewwwww!

  • Milton

    Yeah, I’d do him. Though he looks young, he’s legal.Everybody just get over yourselves.

  • robertg

    Milton: you know, everyone has their “areas of interest” and “non-interest”.
    Makes you wonder, however, if all the “no thanks” people, moi included, were confronted with this fella buck nekked, standing about 2 feet away, what ever would we do? Rhetorical question. [I certainly know what I’d do and it would take a nano-second to act thereupon.]

  • WarpedRecord

    It makes me feel like looking at the Chris Pine photos again.

    If I were confronted with him naked two feet away, I’d hand him a towel and leave the room.

  • How does this make me feel? Like there’s not enough vomit in the world. Next!

  • robertg

    See? Yaaay! and Booooo! He looks pretty creepy here, maybe under other circumstances………..? No? Maybe it has to do with desperation. I take the Fifth.

  • Curtis

    Hell Yeah he is doable!! I would do him in a NY minute. He is the cutest one out of them and his younger brother Nick is hot too, the oldest Kevin is ok but Joe beats them all. He is so lickable in these pics, guess I will go out and try and find the In style mag.

  • *puke*


  • robertg

    succinct. one very strong dissenting assessment on record.

  • Critter

    Johnloche is saying the truth. Too good to be true. But still, somehow, god knew that we all wanted him so he gave us our wish!


    damn hes so gorgeous. if i had the chance id blow joe jonas in a heartbeat *o*

  • robertg

    two more votes decidedly in the affirmative. Someone should start keeping score. It’s that important.

  • loudrockmusic

    He is old enough to be hot right?

  • Kent

    he is cute but too girly

  • andrew

    i once dreamt i was making out with him.

  • Reese

    This makes me feel jaded and blase’ because the boy bands come and go. It’s formulaic. Menudo, New Kids on the Block, N’Sync, New Edition, etc. etc. and after a while the members all look alike and blend into one another. After they fade away, only one member establishes a solo career, one comes out of the closet, and one gets in trouble with the law.

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  • Curtis

    Joe ROCKS!! He is so cute!! I love their show on disney it is funny sort of corny but who cares they totally make up for it. Joe is by far the hottest one and being he is the middle one he is definitly the one to watch. I love these pics and youtube has alot of vids of them with boners and bulges HOT! I agree with you Jason I would blow Joe anytime any place anyone who wants to watch can!! Joe you are awesome!!!! Please post more of him!!

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  • Roberta



    I can’t stand this. Joe is just a kid. I mean he is 20 but he seems to be like 3. I really think you’re disgusting. Go and buy a life for Christ sakes. You are such a bunch of loosers and ugly people. A friend of mind was looking for this pics cause we love Joe, and she found this site. And we couldn’t believe how repulsive people can be. But now I know it’s true. I wanna puke right now.

  • Chris

    To Joe’s Girl: Go find somewhere else to cry. You 13 year old tween skank.

  • Michael Reigle

    Just like him! All WET!

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