How Many Guys Does It Take to Do This?

Zachary Quinto Drenched

Okay, this clip is supposed to be artistic, not erotic but I guarantee ALL of us will think of filthy things when watching Zachary Quinto’s video portrait, featuring Mr. Spock drenched in spunk milk by Tyler Shields. I really wish he had the decency to take his shirt off for more um, dramatic effect, but a peek at his wild forest flooded with jizz white stuff is enough to put my imagination on a treadmill. If I were a trekkie I’ll probably explode. Screenshots and the actual video after the jump!

Zachary Quinto Drenched in Milk

Zachary Quinto Drenched in Milk

Zachary Quinto Drenched in Milk

Zachary Quinto Drenched in Milk

Zachary Quinto Drenched in Milk

Zachary Quinto Drenched in Milk

  • DoverDavid

    Now that we have the milk, can I eat his cookies?

  • [thud]

  • iheartziyi

    Yeah, who gets a massive facial like that with a shirt on? Jeez.

  • Todd R


  • Joanna

    Now this is one gorgeous man and I can just barely see a wee bit of that awesome hair chest peekin’ over the neck of his shirt and why the hell didn’t they do this when he had his shirt off?????? WOW!!! That would have been an awesome chest to gaze my loving eyes on and isn’t this supposed to be “shirtless” guys??? Especially those with that beautiful chest of hair that just begs for my hands to run over it???

  • Yeeowzer…Wowzer…, Dudes,…just looking at him makes me wanna do the moo-moo with him..Really!!..I wonder if he knows that milk helps us have good…(boners)…uh.. I’d licky-licky his buttercup that’s for sure!!! Meee-ooww!!!

  • Phil

    OMG I am such a sicko…I’m guessing at least 30… 🙂 …

  • johnloche

    I’ve been in love with him ever since I saw him in heroes….
    this pic site looks erotic….. It works for me!!!! ^.^

  • Walker Girl

    ohhh my God, my man! I love him and seeing him covered in any kind of liquid sets me off, big time. sexy, very very sexy. nicely done, square!

  • Kimberly S

    He is SO fierce and intense.

  • Frozen to the touch

    His TV character has been so played out that I don’t even care to find him attractive or not. I just hope he makes the sane decision to quit Heroes soon.

  • Kyle

    My ex looks exactly like him…these pictures are bringing back some very fond memories…

  • undapantsman

    gah, i just LOVE spocklar (spock + sylar). he is my definition of tall, dark and handsome. =D


    Caught this the other day, contemplated on sending it to you, good find square, I was mesmerized!!

  • Alyx

    My Husband looks soo good when drenched in any liquid, but this Got Milk? pic is ultra hott. It makes me feel warm all over, like Sunshine =]

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  • amanda

    i need to drink some milk now.

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