More Shirtless Robert Paintinson

Robert Pattinson Shirtless

I don’t know how many percentage of raging teenage girls (and teenage girls at heart) visit the website, because from my observation there shouldn’t be a lot of them here. That said, I must never discriminate. This shirtless, slightly fuzzy Robert Pattinson post is especially dedicated to them, because believe it or not I still don’t find this guy hot — even after drenched in plain flour icing sugar. Maybe if they’ll replace the CGI dots with multicolored M&Ms I’ll finally hit that. Now excuse me while I go find something better to do — like what you’re doing right now; print and laminate.

Source: Just Jared & INFDaily

Robert Pattinson Shirtless

Robert Pattinson Shirtless

Robert Pattinson Shirtless

Robert Pattinson Shirtless

Robert Pattinson Shirtless

Robert Pattinson Shirtless

Robert Pattinson Shirtless

  • johnloche

    I’m with Square…. He doesn’t do anything for me anymore…. Two years ago I would gladly do him …but now his attractiveness has vanished…

  • DoverDavid

    I saw a recent photo shoot with him where you could see his hands and there was dirt under his fingernails. Gross can’t he even manage to wash up.

  • Stuart

    He looks skinny, young and anaemic. So: no, no and no respectively.

    This leaves me entirely flaccid.

  • rickg

    I guess i will be the oddball in this group. These pics arent the best. Robert is his own person as we all are. I enjoy his art and think in his own right, that he is very handsome from the heart out. I still find a spark when I see him. We need to give him a chance to grow up and blossom. Some men get better with age as with great wine. Take Jay Mohr… I find him super exciting now than I did before. He has ‘bulked” up to a manly sexiness. I think Robert will do the same.

  • The thing that turns me off the most about these pics is the fact that his “6-pack” is clearly airbrushed on.

  • Frank

    Let me say that I’m glad that he doesn’t shave his lightly haired chest. That looks good!

  • Randall

    I still love him. Those pics are bad because of the lighting. He can’t be that pale in real life/light.

    Those hideous pants ugly him down a bit.

    I just love him, and I know “Twilight” is a true story.

  • Laura

    For the people who say that the six-pack is “clearly airbrushed on” look again! There has been photos of him going to the gym for weeks, he worked hard to get a good look for New Moon, give the guy a break. The guy is attractive, and may not be the kind of man everyone likes but is attractive non the less. People need to stop being so harsh when judging. And before somebody points it out, I’m not a fan girl. I haven’t read the twilight books, I admire him from Harry Potter.

  • Vaughan

    No problem… i’ll take him off your hands… :p

  • i heard that the guy has serious bathing issues… He could go day without yaking a shower…

  • fagul

    robert is one of actors who has the hairiest armpits.

  • thulerack

    Meh. Not even a rise.

  • Kevin

    He is like bad solo sex…ya have to search hard to find something sexy about him and then keep at it until ya get ‘er done!

  • Psiwire

    His body does look like it’s been cosmetically enhanced. Too bad they couldn’t do anything to unsmush his face. Plus, I’ve read that he doesn’t like to bathe.

  • joe

    despite most of the comments, i now have to change my pants!!!

  • reese

    I can see why he’s cast as a vampire. He’s skinny, chilly, and obviously stays out of the sun. He’s not doing anything for me. Kevin, you wrote a really funny comment.

  • I’m really not fond of young dudes, but I must say his body turned me on. Awesome amount of pit hair, very hot!

  • cronusraven

    Ummm…I am pretty sure this a leaked photo series from the scene in New Moon where Edward is trying to reveal himself as a vampire in public…that might explain the excessive alabaster glow and assorted dots (that I assume in the movie will look like jewels or sparkles)…and not a candid photo at all. He may be light-skinned for real but come on folks…this is all makeup! If he doesn’t do it for you that’s a-ok but be fair and diss on the real deal, and not how he looks because of a part he is playing,

  • Ronald

    I think he’s got an aquired sex appeal about him . Your either gonna wanna get him in bed or not! I’d get under the covers with him anyday of the week !(woooooooooohooooooooooooo)

  • Curtis

    LMAO @ Joe!!! Me too, he is not the hottest guy around but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed. He does sort of have a grunge look about him but hey that may make for an interesting date, we could start off taking a shower together getting each others bodies all soapy and I would rinse him off then start on that uncut cock of his and suck him off in the shower to get rid of his horny first nut then carry him to the bedroom and pound that ass all night!!

  • Dewey Mee

    Pattinson is the definition of “pasty, white boy”– more ghostly than sexy vampire. I do love the second pic. where you get an excellent look at his navel. (I’m a male navel man). As for that final picture; well, please, let us all say No to crack!

  • HazelBite

    I’d like to raise my hand as token admitted teenage girl, and say

    “Twilight is FAIR SHIT.”

    Robert, however, is pretty much awesome. Not particularly attractive, but pretty cool. He landed the role of Edward “Sparkle-Bitch” Cullen by auditioning as manic-depressive, rather than trying to be hot, which I respect.

    However, his shirtlessness inspires only apathy. Still, thank you for the thought, Square.

  • Jim

    For all the RPatz “haters” on the site: I’ll gladly take what you don’t want! Leaves more Rob for us “lovers”!

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