What a Coincidence

Chris Pine Shirtless

I seriously think someone had asked Chris Pine to jog shirtless and get photographed by the paparazzi to get additional buzz for “Star Trek” which will open Friday. And yes, I’m definitely NOT complaining.

Chris Pine Network via Superherofan

Chris Pine Shirtless

Chris Pine Shirtless

Chris Pine Shirtless

Chris Pine Shirtless

Chris Pine Shirtless

Chris Pine Shirtless

Chris Pine Shirtless

Chris Pine Shirtless

Chris Pine Shirtless

Chris Pine Shirtless

  • robertg

    Oh my, how beautiful! Gnarsh! πŸ˜›

  • Justin

    Seriously hot upper body..and I love his nips.

  • sassywench

    Well, hello Captain Kirk!

  • Matty

    Actually it opens Thursday and I’m not talking about a midnight opening. It is opening Thursday evening most places at 7pm.


  • Matty
  • Melissa

    Love the little hair trail.

  • Cameron

    I can’t believe this was the same guy I had classes with in college.

  • robertg

    Well, Cameron, it’s a very famous college indeed. Especially in Chris’s chosen field of study. Tons of grads, but few successes by comparison.
    Chris on of the lucky few. What was your major there?

  • undapantsman

    … ohmygawdiloveyousquare. … yes, that is a word. =D

  • Cameron

    I was an English-History double major with minors in Art History and French. I guess I was a good student, but it came pretty easy if you have a good work ethic. I liked the opportunity to learn but not without a healthy balance of fun. Chris Pine graduated in my class in 2002.

    Since then I have pursued various fields from business and finance to political grass roots organizations to internet/web development, but I’m now unemployed. I left a lucrative job in the casino industry two years ago to find work that was more fulfilling. Not the best time to quit, but little did I know that a recession was coming. With my school loans paid off and a sizable amount in savings, I had a chance to “try my luck” with other avenues. I’ll probably eventually go back to grad school to get some more degrees that are monetarily useless. How does one find a job that doesn’t suck the life out of you are, but still make enough to live on?

  • Faz990

    Im so loving it!!! Gonna catch the movie this weekend!!!!

  • robertg

    cameron: uh oh! the proverbial can of worms! πŸ™‚ All I can tell you is there are the Chris Pines of the world, and then there are the rest of us. I’ve been in the work situation for more years than you’ve been on the earth. Here’s my very best advice: any work, almost, is better than no work. The old half a loaf thing.

    It was a long time, I was 28, before I found fulfilling work and that was far afield from my undergraduate degree which was in music. In the meantime, i did what was necessary to do to keep body and soul together. That included some very menial jobs. Didn’t like them much, but I had to eat and didn’t want to head back to mom and pop. God forbid!

    Chris has had to do almost nothing, as far as I know, to manage that trick.
    Hot looks, of course, help. You may be a bit too picky for now. Remember: non-fulfilling jobs are not always horrible, and are always, generally speaking, temporary even if a few years temporary. You tend to get work while you are working and looking.

    Good luck! the UCLA degree ain’t nothin’ to sneeze at. It’s just one of those, unfortunately, that implies a true “education”, but usually requires specialization afterwards. The dreaded Master’s.

    Hang in there. It’ll come.

  • WarpedRecord

    I’m Pining for Chris, definitely getting a woody here …

  • Cameron

    It’s actually Berkeley not UCLA. Not to say that there’s anything wrong with UCLA. Both my younger sisters went there. The thing is that my parents had to have 3 overachieving kids and being the oldest and male, more was expected from me. I know it’s sexist and ageist, but there’s nothing you can really do about parents’ expectations. It’s not that my parents are disappointed in me. They believe I’m just “wasting” too much time finding myself when one sister is already a working lawyer and the other one is in grad school abroad.

    We can’t all have as easy as the Chris Pines in the world. I’m sure he worked hard for what he has, but it does help when he’s a good looking guy with parents in the industry. It’s funny though. I didn’t even know he was an actor until I watched Princess Diaries 2 and recognized him.

  • DoverDavid

    I’m sure the next time we see him shirtless, what little chest hair he has will be gone.

  • robertg

    Oh yes, the old nepotism thing. Some smart actors won’t allow it. Probably very few, however. The story is Michael Douglas worked his way up, wouldn’t accept Dad’s immediate and automatic ticket to stardom. Sure, but he was still Michael Douglas and everyone knew it.

    Didn’t know C. Pines had folks in the biz. Also yes, Berkeley. Didn’t add that. Am oldest of 3. Still wrestling with that curse!

    Remember, we didn’t choose our parents–it’s a biological crap shoot. They have to EARN your respect and love, it’s not an automatic requirement for you to provide those emotions. Ten Commandments notwithstanding. They may argue “we did our best, all we knew to do” and that has a little merit, but you still had no way to determine whether it was right for you or not.

    The old saw that “Parents are always right, obey them” does not make sense not does it apply across the board. Baloney.

    Being gay, if in fact you are, poses an even bigger hurdle. You’re young. If you’ve told them, good for you! If not, try. You might be surprised at the reaction, or you might get a very hostile one. Either way, you were honest and don’t need the anchor holding you back that intolerant and ignorant parents might try to put in your way. Even HARDER to forgive.

    If the road was truly rocky, filled with potholes of unfair, even cruel treatment, and alienating in the long run and no possibility of parents having a clue as to
    what they did or what they can, or would do to help a future relationship, there’s only one other alternative: forgive, and move on. THAT, Cameron, is very hard but can be learned. Might take some talk therapy, or group sessions. Did it for me and it was worth every penny,

    And, what your sisters do is what your sisters do. You had nothing to do with it and their ambitions and future have nothing to do with you.

    Comparisons are not fair nor useful. Parents do this at their offspring’s peril and their own future guilt. That is, if they ever recognize their role in harming their child’s future. Unreasonably high expectations, especially when they are their own and not necessarly a choice by their child, are punitive. Sometimes it takes a face-to-face talk to set them straight.

    I had to do that. They respected my decisions and, for the most part, shut up about the whole thing. I just ignored any future “suggestions” or carping. Easier said than done.

    As far as Chris Pines goes, gorgeous is as gorgeous does.

    Let’s see what his future brings. We don’t wish him ill! πŸ™‚

    Sorry folks, but the “fatherly advice” in me just sometimes leaps out, goes off course and writes this sort of stuff. My apologies if it annoyed you. This is not a site for personal communication–I often forget. Square, your admonishments would certainly be respected and comments removed.

  • freddy

    Actually, this does nothing for me.

  • chris

    He’s not smooth. There’s fur on his chest. You can see his chets hair on the cover of Entertainmnet Weekly.

  • Phil

    I’m glad I have a plastic cover on my keyboard… πŸ™‚

  • nvm

    I hate those shorts

  • Insight646

    I love those shorts! πŸ™‚

  • robertg

    hate / love, doesn’t matter–in last pic he’s trying to keep them from falling down. If ONLY……:P

  • RyanSparks1982

    Check out that bulge in them shorts! Nice! πŸ˜€

  • robertg

    One did not miss it, at least this one.

  • Liam

    There is also:


    Check the basket.

    I think he is adorable, and noticed him way back in Smokin Aces (fun movie too).

  • Milton

    Just saw Star Trek last night. plan to see it again, tonight. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the pictures of Chris Pine!! A worthy successor to be captain of the Enterprise.

  • robertg

    APB: to all Trekkies out there: My local newspaper carried 3 syndicated reviews of YOUR movie today. All raves. I think you can count on some sort of box office records here and there. Mr. Pine got very nice special mentions.

  • robertg

    Liam: Oh Dear Lord. The most gorgeous pic yet. It’s absolutely hangin’ free in there–floppin’ side to side as it tends to do when so unfettered. Many Olympic games attest to this practice. The beard is boner fodder.

  • Are these resized pics or original size?

  • Walker Girl

    i…cant…breathe…oh man, sexiness, this man is so friggin hot, its not even funny. looks like that should be illegal. nice pics, square, I love you for these

  • Ryansparks

    Liam: You are my hero!! Love that pict. Wonder if Zachary noticed it when they went a-jogging together. Hmm..

  • robertg

    Square: any way to remove comments from these posts?

  • Kent

    he is not that toned….and i loved that!!! he looks nice and natural like he doesnt even try to look hot or anything! Mmmmmm

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