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Ryan Reynolds Shirtless

I’m just way over my head here. The proper cover of the year would be Jason Sudeikis, John Krasinski, Paul Rudd and Jon Hamm shirtless on the bed, licking each other’s chest. Who said that?!? Anyways, before you go further, I suggest you turn down your monitor’s saturation because it looks like someone spray painted cheese powder on Ryan Reynolds’ amazingly fit hairy body (I volunteer to lick that clean). That said, holy freakin’ mother of Krasinski! I’m pretty sure he was clipped to hell but we’ve seen Ryan with no hair at all so this is definitely miles of improvement. Perhaps the hairiest we’ve seen him so far? We’ll definitely have a closer look at his body fuzz when the issue hits the stand soon. Now excuse me while I go have a date with my um, imagination. He’s pretty demanding lately.

Source: EW via Just Jared. Thanks Matthew!

Ryan Reynolds Shirtless on Entertainment Weekly Cover

Ryan Reynolds Shirtless on Entertainment Weekly Cover

Ryan Reynolds Shirtless on Entertainment Weekly Cover

Ryan Reynolds Shirtless on Entertainment Weekly Cover

Ryan Reynolds Shirtless on Entertainment Weekly Cover

Click on the links for Reynolds’ further body hair analysis from “The Proposal“, “Buying The Cow“, “Blade: Trinity“, “The Nines” and “Amityville Horror“.

  • DoverDavid

    He has longer chest hair in the movie The Proposal, but it’s light colored, so always hard to see unless he stands still. I now have another magazine to get when out and about.

  • Buzzy Florence

    I saw him last night on the Tonight Show with David talking about The Proposal. The pictures in Entertainment do not do him justice. They need to retake those and get rid of some of that cheese spray. Ryan is such a cutie!!!

  • Tom

    Wow he looks so hot. Will see “The Proposal” this weekend when it opens here. He is such a hot cute man.

  • Chris in Long Beach

    He is such a hawt man! Officially my new husband ! Sandra was wasting her time in the movie, because Ryan already proposed to me and I accepted! Love his hairy chest, hairy stomach, hairy crotch? I can imagine how hairy his legs are…

  • Oh. My. God! (Janice style)
    This is really his hairiest shot – hell of a photo shoot by the way!
    Very, very hot!


  • WarpedRecord

    Ryan was severely hot in “The Amityville Horror” remake also, where he sported a bushy beard (though, sadly, a clipped chest):

  • nvm

    *sigh* that man just gets better looking every day *drool*

  • Bob

    Ryan Reynolds is handsome, muscular, hairy, sexy, and an all-round nice guy. His father is a boxer, so I’m sure Ryan could hold his own in a fistfight. I love everything about this hot man.

  • GB13

    Jesus Christ, I NEVER would have guessed that was Ryan Reynolds. What the hell did they do to him in Photoshop? >_>

  • Matty

    I wish that was something else other than water shooting onto his face :-p and I wish it was me shooting it.

  • Jim G.

    Never have I been happier than to be an Entertainment Weekly subscriber as I am now. If they had Ryan and Chris Evans shirtless on the cover I’d be unconscious on the floor. And I can’t remember them ever going with a shirtless cover (the Gyllenhaal wet shirt cover was still hot), but mag sales are down across the board although I think this one won’t disappoint. I just hope they’re not doing multi-covers, and I get Bullock in a wet t-shirt. Like when I got Zachary Quinto instead of Chris Pine (ugh!).

  • Bob

    I received this copy of E.W. today and he wasn’t quite as orange as these pics show. I’ve always thought he was a hot man and letting the fur grow in (although trimmed) makes him even hotter. I hope he doesn’t lose anymore weight though.

  • In the DVD of the movie “Blade: Trinity”, in the special features section, Ryan
    says he wore a prosthetic torso and in some of the clips they showed very
    short cameo clips of him off screen with his natural “fuzzy” condition quite evident.


  • Robert

    I’ve been crushing on this guy for awhile now. He is a total babe!

  • Milton

    See?See? The Canadians & the Australians are conducting genetic experiments, to produce the sexiest guys…and they’re winning!!
    Ryan is crazy hot!!!Hard to beleve he was ever a child actor, or a child, for that matter.

  • baburns2010

    Mmm. All tan and wet. No wonder Scarlett got him under her finger!

  • Ruth

    Oh yes please.

  • I like him, but he is WAY too worked out for me. And what’s with the orange skin? Come back in 10 years, honey, and we can talk.

  • tcmatt

    Oh, just received my Ent Weekly in the mail yesterday. I just stood there at the mailbox drooling!!

  • Tom

    I was so happy to see this in my mailbox. I think it’s just about the sexiest mainstream magazine cover I’ve seen in years. Unfortunately it was ripped to shreds by the post office so I’ve got to go buy other copies.

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