Guess This (Formerly) Hairy Chest

Paul Telfer's Hairy and Smooth Chest

Blasphemy! I don’t know if I’m high on sugar, drunk, or too much internet to notice it before — but I hope it’s not too late to make this public. We’ll just have to let the pictures speak for themselves. I should warn you, droolers with weak hearts are advised not to read this post — do not even try!

I’ll try to keep my composure while typing this. It’s prime manbeef Paul Telfer from “Spartacus” one of his TV series made at least four years before “Miss Conception”. I’m so mad at this. *brb choking bunny rabbits*

Thanks Bill & Eric!

Spartacus, 2004.

Paul Telfer Shirtless

Hercules, 2005.

Paul Telfer Shirtless

Paul Telfer Shirtless

Miss Conception, 2008.

Paul Telfer Shirtless

Click here for to see Paul’s chest the way its supposed to be. Boy, you’ll never go anywhere with that shaved pecs!

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