Guess This (Formerly) Hairy Chest

Paul Telfer's Hairy and Smooth Chest

Blasphemy! I don’t know if I’m high on sugar, drunk, or too much internet to notice it before — but I hope it’s not too late to make this public. We’ll just have to let the pictures speak for themselves. I should warn you, droolers with weak hearts are advised not to read this post — do not even try!

I’ll try to keep my composure while typing this. It’s prime manbeef Paul Telfer from “Spartacus” one of his TV series made at least four years before “Miss Conception”. I’m so mad at this. *brb choking bunny rabbits*

Thanks Bill & Eric!

Spartacus, 2004.

Paul Telfer Shirtless

Hercules, 2005.

Paul Telfer Shirtless

Paul Telfer Shirtless

Miss Conception, 2008.

Paul Telfer Shirtless

Click here for to see Paul’s chest the way its supposed to be. Boy, you’ll never go anywhere with that shaved pecs!

  • Joanna

    OMG!!!!!! That is a total obscene sin to take that awesome chest and do to it what was done. The man should be spanked!! I’ll do it if no one else wants to! HAH, I tink I would have to get in line. How could he do that to himself???
    That’s like taking boobs and deflating them!!!!!!

    I’ll just enjoy the older pictures of this beautiful man and hope he gets tired of manscaping, soon!!!

  • James

    Hello – I just stumbled across your site after “Googling” for pics of Damien Lewis. Nice to know their are other fans of his out there. I could eat this man for breakfast, lunch and dinner!! I break out my box set of Band of Brothers every couple of years and keep the remote nearby to freeze-frame – and a great show it is! Woof!!
    Just saying “hi.’ Love your site!
    James (San Francisco, CA)

  • Todd R

    That’s a damn shame.

  • I said it before and I will say it again, if he shaved or waxed to look younger, he failed. A hairless chest on grown up man looks actualy OLDER. Like my my father who was hairy as wolf in his 30’s and who is almost hairless in his 70’s.

  • The horror. The horror. Paul has been a bad, bad boy. Wax is for kitchen floors, not pecs. Punsihment must be dealt out. I’ll bend over, and he can punish me.

  • matt

    ugh how horrible. he looked better with a hairy chest

  • Steves

    Grow it back!

  • Jerry

    Oh my gosh; why would anyone do that? A hairy chest is the sexiest thing!! Maybe it’ll grow back. And when it does, I’ll be all over it!!

  • hairy lover

    are you aware that you have an ad advertising laser hair removal at the top of the page? kind of ironic do you think? i’m sure your ads are prolly generated based on key words in the articles and vary each time you refresh the page. yes the ad DOES feature a picture of a female, implying it’s for female bikini lines, but still. i just couldn’t help but mention this. i understand the revenues help keep the site afloat and all, but it’s just strange.

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  • Rhywun

    OK, I’m not at all into hair but even I have to admit the 1st and 2nd pics leave me breathless, while the stripper look in the last pic leaves me cold. When nature blesses you, why mess with it?

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