How Does This Make You Feel?

Jason Mraz Shirtless

After such an emotional post, we’re definitely in need of something lighter and a little more hairy to make our fragile hearts at ease. How does a fuzzy, arguably naked Jason Mraz taking a dump in the river make you feel? I’ll say wait at least half an hour then let’s make a move inside the tent, zip up and make sweet, sweet adorkable jungle love for the rest of the day. Jason, you ‘re so sexy and you know it. Keep posting them shirtless pictures for us, okay? Oh and he urges you to use less toilet paper or something like that.

From Jason’s blog via ONTD

Jason Mraz Shirtless

Also, a couple of treasures from his blog.

Jason Mraz Shirtless

Jason Mraz Shirtless

  • reese

    This makes me feel happy.

  • johnloche

    this makes me feel very happy!! And kinda naughty…

  • DoverDavid

    Makes me glad my drinking water isn’t connected to that river.

  • Randall

    He can take a dump on me anytime, and I’m not even in to that sort of thing.


    Not really.

  • Michael

    Am I missing something? WTF does taking a dump have to do with this at all?!?!!!

    God he’s beautiful….

  • Randall

    Yeah, Square said “arguably” naked Jason Mraz was taking a dump in the river. (see beginning, before photos)

    Yes, he is beautiful, and that boy can get his voice to do anything. I’ve loved Jason for years.

  • WarpedRecord

    I love Jason’s music and his bod (excluding the tattoos), but what is the context of this shot? If he’s trying to make an environmental statement, he’s coming up short here. Human waste is harmful for river life.

  • James

    He is HOT but in the first photo……Is that a Huge Zit on his forehead ready to pop or is that Sweat…..Somebody Please Air brush it out!! I,m Gagging!!

  • Matty

    I really hope he isn’t taking a shit in the river. He is contaminating a water source for lots of animals and possibly humans. He should be ashamed of himself. That is something you should NEVER do.

  • J

    It makes me feel…


  • I never got so turned on with Jason Mraz. Love the facial hair, the droopy hair, and the man fur… and where you can almost see his penis.

  • Jay

    I’m really glad he dropped that “highschool” shtick (I assume the label wanted) and showed up as the man he is. And his voice fucks me everytime.

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