How Does This Make You Feel?

Michael Phelps Shirtless

Mmm… okay. As a die-hard supporter of facial and chest hair, I’d say this is totally right up my alley. Without the pornstache, Michael Phelps just looks like… well, Michael Phelps. And if you squint your eyes really hard, you can see some form of vegetation on his chest. Now that puts a smile on my face!

Picture by Getty Images via Gawker

Michael Phelps Shirtless

  • DoverDavid

    Ok I can understand the need for the skull cap and bathing suit to be stream line, but why is it necessary to have it right above the pubic line? Perhaps this is where he likes it.

  • 24gotham

    Hmm, I likey! The pornstache and bedhead are yummy. I am curious about the tattoo behind the tiny swimsuit. His chest does get furrier (I’ve seen a photo from a couple years back with more fur than this), but I am sure he has to manscape it down to this as a compromise.

  • Psiwire

    Looks like the evil Mirror-Universe Michael Phelps to me.

  • makes me feel like a long glass of milk!

  • Critter

    Nothing. Sorry. 🙁

  • WarpedRecord

    It makes me feel like I need a good dong hit.

  • petey

    I would plant him and grow a whole field full

  • I would let him do ANYTHING he wanted to me. Despite my best logic.

  • Ray Bishop

    Anyway you show Michael is fine with me. Whenever I see his pic…especially with the furry chest I just about lose a load.

    Wondered if you ever took a look at hairy chested LES STROUD from Survivorman………….He beats our Mike Rowe any day……… Hope to see Les on this site soon………….if you find his personal website……he is totally naked, but with that smudge in the wrong place.

  • INTO IT. It’s time he started looking like a man instead of an over-muscled 14 year old.

  • Robert

    I love a man with facial hair, body hair, ect, but the pornstache on Phelps…not so much. I have seen him with a goatee and that was awesome but this? Yuck.

  • Bob

    Michael Phelps is an average looking guy, but with the ‘stache he becomes downright handsome. Facial hair does that for most guys.

  • Mallory

    Alright some of you guys might disagree with me but……
    I think Michael Phelps is sexy. Perhaps some of it has to do with the fact that he’s sooo @#%!ing good at what he does, c’mon doesn’t that add to the sexiness factor? He’s got more gold medals, in swimming on less, THAN ANYONE, ever. I’ve seen him swim and to me, he’s undisputably attractive, appealing, whatever, even if he’s sort of a Butterface, all of it…is more than adequate.

  • Mallory

    no less* (d’oh)

  • a little edgy

    Mmm … nice. He is sort of a butterface, but the porn ‘stache softens that (although I agree that the goatee was even hotter). I’m thrilled that some chest hair has been allowed to grow in – not only because it looks good, but because it shows that Phelps likes his body hair and enjoys letting it grow when he’s not competing. We need more (presumably) straight guys to love the hair in order to break the tyranny of the razor.

  • Sammy

    nice body but fugly face. butter face.

  • deejum

    Michael should never be without facial hair, in particular the goatee…the mustache alone makes him look rather seedy. His body is amazing however hairless, but some fur would really make him a firm (pun?) 10, as long as the goatee was also there…something about his mouth just ruins him otherwise.

  • squarebart

    Yeh-yuh. Big time!

  • batman50

    Very hot very very hot and sexy I love to kiss him all over

  • Keiji

    He turns me ooonnn¨¨¨¨¨+++””/()()¡¡!!!!!!!

  • Phil

    The tatoo behind the tiny bathing suit are the Olympic Rings…

  • ryank

    I love the pornstache, he was a 8/10 before — this raises him to a solid 9/10. Phaoooar!

  • irishnmoody

    Was the water cold? or do I just need bifocals? Sometimes good things don’t come in small packages 😛

  • Reese

    This is the best and hottest I’ve ever seen him. I think he looks good with the moustache.

  • Chuck

    You know sometimes I find him very sexy, most times I don’t. I agree, like the pornstache though.

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