Just Ignore The Hair

David Beckham Shirtless

Well, this has OVERRATED written all over it, but since my crotch, my mind and my body are exhausted today, enjoy this fresh Armani underwear ad from David Beckham which was revealed today at Selfridges in London. It’s the least I can do to keep the drools running on this website. I’m really not a fan of the hair, I know it was supposed to look slick and stuff but it looks like someone pasted a toupee dipped in baby oil over his forehead. That said, rest assured that NOBODY cares to look at his goddamn hair. You see, this is exactly why this thing called the internet exists — since there are no underground trains today, why bother throwing yourself in the sea of madness just to get a glimpse of his goodies in large print?

David Beckham Shirtless

David Beckham Shirtless

David Beckham Shirtless

Also, here are a few of previous exploits. Click here for more monochromatic manty creamers.

David Beckham Shirtless

David Beckham Shirtless

David Beckham Shirtless

  • white panda

    He is definitely NOT my type. He is far too much of a scrawny pretty-boy in my books, which I do not find attractive at all.

  • Julius Seizure

    The hair makes him look like a “Thanks, we’ll call you” at a regional “Chicago” audition.

    I was sure at least one of the pics would have had jazz-hands!

  • RobotLovesMonkey

    Might I say Mr Victoria Beckham should KEEP that darker hair…. it looks a whole lot better than his usual “I’m a natural blonde .. and u can’t check the carpet cause there is nothing there” look…
    and @Julius Seizure i LOL’d at the jazz-hands

  • mike

    he is hot..
    don’t worry white panda..i don’t think your his type too

  • white panda

    I would hope not; I can almost smell the chavness.
    (Also, the correct grammar for your sentence would be “I don’t think you’re his type either.)

  • mike

    whatever white panda..you can only drool for hot guys like him..i bet you can never have hot guys like him unless you pay for it

  • white panda

    I think I’ll take the high road and get back on topic.
    Once again, I pass on Mr. Beckham.

  • DoverDavid

    There are so many other man way sexier then this guy.

  • WannaBuyADuck

    He looks so…… queer!

  • Randall

    I love Beckham, but I hate tattoos. But that stomach — even trimmed — is wonderful.

  • tesio

    white panda, English is still only an unofficial language of this world, remember that

  • Jack

    I actually like the hair.

  • Milton

    Well, I’D love to slide up & down on him, all day.

  • Andrew

    He’s my type, but this hairstyle and hyperserious facial expression thing is a turnoff…

  • bb123

    not always a big david beckham fan, but when he’s posing in tight boxer briefs, i can’t say no

  • chris

    i think his hair is hotttt, i want his crutch

  • kadnn

    i hate his tatoos too, but, i think david backham is the sexiest man ever!!

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  • Jorge Amado Tellez Gonzalez

    Me gusta mucho David beckham,es mi jugador de futbol favorito,pero lo prefiero como modelo mucho masssss!!!!

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