Perfection, Now From the Side

Jamie Bamber Shirtless for PETA

I mean, seriously. Why is this man so perfect? And where’s the lower half of the picture? Why God, why? Crotch explosion in three, two…

Credits: PETA

Jamie Bamber Shirtless for PETA

  • Julius Seizure

    Nipples just beggin’ to be touched.

    • Julius, your name is genius.

  • len

    jamie bamber could conquer me

  • sassywench

    I think I just fainted!!!!!!!! WOW!

  • undapantsman

    i would just like to suggest that Jason Sudeikis, Chris Pine, Simon Pegg… hell, EVERY hawt mans join PETA* and get pretty much naked and have their picture taken.

    *joining PETA completely optional.

  • reese

    Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

  • Phil

    Jamie’s the reason I’m glad I have a plastic cover on my keyboard… 🙂

  • Milton

    Jamie sure breaks the stereotype about British guys being buff! From now on, Squarehippies, you should include as many below the waist posts of Jamie as possible,too. He doesen’t HAVE to be pantless, but it couldn’t hurt.

  • vanhenry71

    don’t know what movie or show this guy is from, but damn that was serious teasing!

  • Francois

    I can see, on these high resolution shots, that Jamie didn’t shave ALL his happy trail, after all.

    That’s very good: I think he shouldn’t shave any part of his happy trail, but this is better than nothing!

    Actually, we get to see a bit of his pubic hair, on those pictures. Fine.

    I don’t consider myself gay… but if I met Jamie Bamber in person, I think I would make an exception. I would start by running my fingers through his chest hair.

  • Gay Quizzy

    Jamie Bamber is really so cute; I wish I had been the camera-man for the full frontal nude shots!!

  • Francois

    I want to meet Jamie! I have to find a way, somehow, somewhere…

    I want to hop on a bed with Jamie, and fuck him like there’s no tomorrow!

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