Sean Faris In Forever Strong

Sean Faris Shirtless

I hope you guys don’t mind a minimal post description, ’cause I didn’t actually even watch this movie. Since I can’t abide sports, much less movies about sports it was a quick scan and cap job. But I think only one word is necessary to describe Sean Faris anyway: HOT.

  • WarpedRecord

    Any shirtless scenes in the film with coach Gary Cole?

    • WarpedRecord, you have managed to take the words straight out of my mouth. And great post, Psi!

  • Alec

    Sean Faris is hot 😀
    He’s gorgeous!

  • curtis

    WOW!!! He is HOT!! Great way to come back! I haven’t seen the movie either but by the looks of these hot shirtless beefcakes I will have to check it out. Keep up the great work!! Smoothness rules!!

  • the film had a extremely limited release across the country last Sept. 2008 and has just been released on dvd. i found it to be a good film about a troubled
    young adult getting his act together thru a quasi- tough love program. plus its
    an excellent film about how sports can teach responsibility and being part of
    a team to young adult males.

    the film is based on an actual program based in Utah i believe. a magazine i
    respect liked the film over all but in the last paragraph gave it a thumbs down
    for a silly reason – the actual program that the film is based on is at a religious based reform school/tough love type camp. yet the film makes no
    mention at all anywhere in the dialogue of any of these words-God, religion,spirituality, faith, church, etc….. so to dismiss it for its origins is

    shirtless scenes the ever increasingly stunning Faris has ever had in one

  • david888wood

    Yes he certainly is a real cutie! —and a very hot body.

    Thanks for the pics.

  • Chace

    I am madly in love with Sean Faris. He is so, so hot. He is simply spectacular.

  • movieguy

    Love this guy….which he would go gay in another movie…it’s been so long since we have seen him lock lips with another guy

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