7 More Gems from Guys With iPhones

Guys with iPhones

Looking at famous people everyday can be pretty tiring, so it’s time rest our eyeballs by drooling at some not so famous people instead. It has been a while since we last caught up with this year’s internet gift that is Guys With iPhones, so let’s take a look at a few of my personal picks from the narcissism treasure chest, shall we?

1. Cutie McHairy

This is my first pick and you know it! My crotch will so thank me for introducing him, it’s even going to buy me dinner AND take me to see Billy Elliott!

Guys With iPhones

2. Michael Stipe

There’s no doubt that Michael is a hairy bugger and this just proves it. His boyfriend and um, other friend posted the same iPhone pictures from the same bathroom around the same time as him. I’m sure it was just a co-incidence. Now what’s the number to the service and how much?

Guys With iPhones

3. Teddy Cuddles

Will you look at that face? I’m pretty sure he’s already available at most major retailers as “Teddy Cuddles”. Pants sold separately, of course. But who buys that. We just need a “pubic hair expansion pack” because Teddy seems to go overboard with the razor down there.

Guys With iPhones

4. Licky Smooth

Smooth has always been my alternate choice, but if this guy comes along I am willing to switch sides. Yes, he’s that good. Besides, it’s so much easier to give a tongue bath to a hairless body than a hairy one! Sad but true.

Guys With iPhones

5. Smiley Fuzz

A worthy tip for Smiley, next time go back a few steps, strike the same pose and then proceed to take a picture. That chest… It does so many things to me. So are those pink nipples. Speaking of which, did they just have a huge fight with each other?

Guys With iPhones

6. Superdad

This fine piece of mature manbeef has posted quite a few shots featuring his, um, equipment. This is why GWiP needs to include numbers with every picture posted next time. It’s only natural.

Guys With iPhones

7. Jesus

You know, if you get a haircut and lose the robe, I might invite you to my bedroom. (I’m such a slut I know)

Guys With iPhones

Update: One more yum yum added. I have no idea how could I’ve missed this one. Time to get me eyes checked! Thanks Jamie!

Guys With iPhones

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