Aamir Khan in Lagaan, Ahhh…

Aamir Khan Shirtless

Hunkybunky Aamir Khan is our guide through a faraway land — I mean, unless of course you’re already in India.

It’s full-on Bollywood: You gets your good, your bad, the lovely and the hateful singin’ and dancin’. There’s a kinda long cricket game between the Raj and the villagers to determine if a life-crushing tax (lagaan) will be levied. Our star Aamir is reportedly a popular dude in India — I don’t doubt it. Nominated for Best Foriegn Film Oscar in 2002, it’s four hours of, well, more sleevlessness than shirtlessness. But hey, I like a fun ride with a hot guy who wears earrings.

  • Arihan Patel

    Hey suarebrat!!
    Its, so nice of you to post of aamir on squarehippies!! But dont you think that Hrithik Roshan / John Abraham / Ranbir Kapoor etc. Who are far sexier than aamir deserved to be as an introducer of bollywood hotties on sqaurehippies!!
    Anyways Thumbs UP!!! Love you for posting atleast aamir!!!!

  • johnloche

    hey square… I’m from India… And Aamir khan is cum in a new movie called “ghajini”… He’s shirtless and more hunky there…not hairy chested though… U shud get those pics too!!!!!!!!

  • DoverDavid

    Nice….but who’s the headless guy to the right of the man with the red scarf…..now he’s got it going on!

  • nicknick

    Really Lacoche? Really?

  • squarebart

    DoverDavid, I actually have a couple of caps of the dude you are asking about. He plays a not-all-there temple tender and is very noticeable. I mean, you know, you NOTICE him. You did! I’ll put a couple of caps up in the forum for you. oxo SB (in a minute…)

    As for the other sad comment: Racism is a bad habit; learn to control yourself.

  • Todd R

    Oh yeah.

  • rick

    Love my men from India. He is stunningly handsome with a great bod. keep up with the posts from other countries and just other genre of men, men, men. Thanks

  • rick

    Hey Square,
    just an extra note to my reply. You might consider adding Sendhil Ramamurthy from Heroes. If any man gives me goosebumps, he’s the one. American and Asian. He is one of the ( in my opinion) best looking guys on screen. Tall, dark and Handsome.. WOWOWOWOW

  • Jasper

    Hot! So glad to see some hot, hairy south Asian hunks here. Man are they a gorgeous people! The guy to the far right in pic #18 and the far left in #19 & 20 are really sexy and I think more handsome than Aamir Khan.

    Lagaan is a great film; I’m glad you came across it and brought it some notoriety, as well as the handsome men from the countries of that region.

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