Firefighters Are Smooth For a Reason

New York City Firefighters

The FIRE of course! Duh. One time in high school one of my idiot dorm mates (they’re all idiots) experimented with one of those aerosol / lighter combo and accidentally sprayed himself in the face! I still pray for his eyebrows to grow back til today. Fire and hair don’t play well with each other! These eyecandies are from the 2010 NYC Firefighter Hunks Calendar, which screamed BEEFCAKE at me but somehow they don’t excite my crotch as much. Don’t get me wrong, I’d go absolutelyfuckingnuts over men in uniforms (the real ones) but somehow the choice is a little limited here. Okay fine, I’ll take Mr. June and Mr. October to go please — although I have a feeling June has been playing with the razor quite a bit. Oh who cares, they are REAL firefighters for goodness sake!


NYC Firefighter


NYC Firefighter


NYC Firefighter


NYC Firefighter


NYC Firefighter


NYC Firefighter


NYC Firefighter


NYC Firefighter


NYC Firefighter


NYC Firefighter


NYC Firefighter


NYC Firefighter

Here is a clip from NY Daily News taken during the launch party.

  • DoverDavid

    Chop off the heads and they all look the same, to me, chest hair creates a pattern and makes the man look different. Is Mr. January a former gang banger?

  • hank

    Lawd, I dont know which is my favorite month now!!!!
    Some seriously hot men!
    But Seriously, THANK YOU to ALL you firefighters, police officers, military personnell out there that take care of us and help keep us safe!!!!!!
    You are APPRECIATED!!!

  • Greg M

    Are they fighting fires with their shirts off? … I didn’t think so.

  • white panda

    October is my pick.

  • sensual panda

    I’m going October too, Caucasian panda.

  • Mike

    Looking at the pictures i decided that october-guy would be my pick… and i’m not the only one 😉
    Wish he would have some hair on his chest….

  • WarpedRecord

    Give me an adorkable over these clones any day. Preferably one without tattoos.

  • Dave

    I don’t understand the tats on Mr. January. In general, there’s a lot of tats in all the months. It’s a bad trend

  • GD

    June & September are my picks! 🙂

  • elweston

    January man would be cute(r) if not for the creepy body art. I for one think the whole body art tattoo craze has gotten out of hand. Otherwise good looking guys are disfiguring themselves needlessly.

  • Douglas

    Well at least we won’t have to fight over Mr. July. He’s mine, although it would be nice if he’d put make up over the stupid tattoo.

  • Critter

    Can I switch two? The tattoo guy for July? I want him for my birthday!

  • Robert

    Hot D*MN! I’ll take the whole year at once please! They all look lickable!

  • white panda

    So I call dibs on October. Deal? 😉

  • Todd R

    So I guess I can claim February, May and August all for myself

  • lusty

    my picks are; may, august & november, they’re so delicious!

  • Johnny

    In my experience, tattoos don’t taste different. I agree with GD, I’d also take June, but tie him down away from the razors until the fur comes back. Should take about a week. Now *that* tastes different.

  • Peter

    Why would anyone take a magnificent body and ruin it with tattoos?!

    The guy ends up looking like a felon.

    Hey people, these things are FOREVER. Long, long, long, after this ugly fad has passed.

  • Julius Seizure

    My birthday’s in November is anyone wants to buy me a prezzie. (evil grin)

  • chente

    I’LL TAKE 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HOW DO I ORDER ONE????????

  • David

    wtf? JULY is disgusting…….

  • John

    OMG hot and hairless,just the way I like them I’ll take january but he’ll have to get rid of the tatoos soon

  • mark b

    i choose january, july and november(the best)

  • Chris

    Ok, I feel like I’ve seen October before. Maybe in a porn? If anybody does recognize him, can you please tell me his name. Either way, he’s hot. Thanks!

  • sexologa

    I want names of those dads ………. could somebody please give the

  • derrick

    why don’t firemen like these work at any my nearby firehouses?

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