Guess This Gloriously Hairy Chest

Robby Ginepri

The picture itself is a dead giveaway, but if you’re a total dumb dumb about tennis like me — you might find this totally unguessable. There’s a lot of pictures of this gloriously hairy chest out there on the interwebs, but I have chosen this particular one because it is dry, fluffy and ready!

It’s Robby Ginepri! Robby is an American tennis player and has a chest that will make bunnies faint and angels cry. To sum it up in two words, it is PERFECTLY HAIRY. Not too little, not too much. Yes, I am like the Goldilock of Fuzz! Here are a few more of his God’s given gift from various sources.

Robby Ginepri Shirtless

Robby Ginepri Shirtless

Robby Ginepri Shirtless

Robby Ginepri Shirtless

Robby Ginepri Shirtless

Robby Ginepri Shirtless

Robby Ginepri Shirtless

Robby Ginepri Shirtless

Robby Ginepri Shirtless

  • Vic

    And you know, just THANK GOD for the tennis boys who have just embraced this whole notion of being shirtless is okay. Don’t see many baseball boys, many basketball boys, many football boys (American)…..

    Crap…any dude that is even SLIGHTLY hot needs to just ditch the f**king shirt!!!

  • GB13

    Vic: Those other athletes you mentioned have to wear uniforms. 😛

    And this is no boy. He’s clearly a man. 😉

  • ricket

    I think Robby is hot! I would gladly let him fart in my face if he wanted too! I only hope that his farts smell like burnt chili or hard boiled eggs gone bad, yummy!!!!!! sniff, sniff!

  • QCNiceGuy

    He is absolute perfection! I would give anything to run my hands (and other body parts) through that glorious chest! Bless you!

  • DoverDavid

    Damn, I never heard of him until now, and look at what I have been missing! Hairy, cute and nice legs to boot. Come to Daddy!

  • Deed

    And thank dog he became a tennis player, not a swimmer. Even the thought of that glorious pelt being shaved off almost brings me to tears. Keep showing those pix of hot, fuzzy tennis players!

  • white panda

    His face is a bit too young for me. If he was maybe 10 years older he would be a perfect 10. Great body hair though.

  • Todd R

    I think I need to start watching tennis now.

  • KarmaLysing

    Wowza. I want one or two (or so) of those…


    I think the little twonk known as “MJ” needs to be permanently blocked now, Square. I assume as the Site Admin you can do that, so it can stop annoying the grown-ups and go back to Trolling on

  • One look at Robby’s chest and we understand how Mother-Nature can be very generous sometime!

  • deejum

    Dennis, anyone???

  • Bryson

    Oh, i dont think he’ll mind if i start touching him in ALL the wrong places.

  • Joanna

    OMG!!!!! Now that is what I am talkin’ about!!! What a lucky person to have that glorious chest to lay their head on and run their hands over. What a body as well. He is deinfitely a doll I wish was mine and we all know what a doll is…don’t we?? But I’m sure Robby is not an empty headed plaything. He has brains and OMG what a body I would love to play with and dress and un-dress at will!!! LOL!!

  • David

    Thanks Goldilocks!

    I don’t follow tennis or any sport for that matter, but he is a perfect specimin of a mouthwatering hirsute hunk!

  • Phil

    I could get lost in that forest on his chest for days…

  • Crucializer

    I’m not into hairy chests at all (maybe cuz I have one), but this guy – I would break all the rules for him! GRRRR!!!!

  • Klarth

    Oh, god, that last picture….*dies*

    *returns b/c it’s just too good*

    I was all up on it already, but the sun, the shadow, the pose, the HAIR.


  • Buzzy

    Love the fur! WOOF!

  • lewis

    Crucializer i use to hate my hairy chest and bottom, but know my current boyfriend loves it. Just ahve confidence with your chest fuzz

  • Chuck

    He has a perfect hairy chest. What a man!

  • Jerry

    What a hottie! That last pic; what a man!

  • Joanna

    WOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!! I never thought tennis could be soooooo enjoyable!!! I’d brave the crowds to watch this gorgeous man and his perfect chest workin’ the courts any day!!!

  • Josh Stone

    This is what a real man should look like. Waxed chests are sick. As a major plus, he doesn’t seem at all narcissistic. Even in the last shot in the series (the sweaty one) suggests introspection but not self-worship. We do not see Mr. Ginepri gazing into mirror, but rather focused on his game. Clearly he enjoys the sport to the max: inspiration to those of us who have neglected tennis for too long.

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