Guess This Hairy Chest

Brad Garrett Shirtless

This very tall and hairy (read: sexy beast) comedian has a very deep voice that can lullaby my crotch to sleep. Well, actually not to sleep but you’ll catch the drift. Guess before you click!

It’s Brad Garrett! Although Brad did little to me when he was in “Everybody Loves Raymond” (noone have done pretty much anything, really), I knew he was a hairy beast and it’s nice to see that chest is doing fine after all these years. Although the last couple of pictures would probably make this post borderline gross, I can’t make a comment about the girl because I understand her feelings. Totally. Shutting up now.

Splash News Online via Dlisted

Brad Garrett Shirtless

Brad Garrett Shirtless

Brad Garrett Shirtless

Brad Garrett Shirtless

  • GB13

    More please. ;P

  • WarpedRecord

    Square: This game is fun, but can we now play Guess This Hairy Crotch?

  • DoverDavid

    Like thick dark hair. Square you should post your chest n see if we guess it.

  • WarpedRecord, that is actually a brilliant idea!

    DoverDavid, you don’t say! My chest doesn’t belong in this category anyway. 😛

  • Bryson

    I would just love to dip him in chocolate and eat him all up.

  • johnloche

    I’d sooooo seriously play “guess this hairy crotch”!!!!!!!

  • Joanna

    You are guys panting over this glorious chest. But I am a woman and I am dying over this chest—-almost!!! OOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • David

    I had no idea he was that hot!

  • Joe

    When Isaiah Washington called T.R. Knight the f-word, the guy you all are admiring said it wasn’t a big deal.

  • hank

    he is still hot,,,,,,thick mat of fur! gawd,,,,,,it is gorgeous, cant help but wonder if another part is as long as he is tall!!!

  • rodthehorny

    yummmmy nipples. hmmm gimme some of that please.

  • WMassGuy

    I remember the first episode of Raymond when Robby appeared shirtless. I was in lust from that moment. What an incredible hunk of man!

  • Andrew

    there’s good chest hair and bad chest hair… and this falls into the latter category.

  • Mac Thomas

    He can hold hands with as many girls as he wants. I am in love with Brad and I don’t care who knows it. LOL

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