How Does This Make You Feel?

Ashley Parker Angel Shirtless

Yes, your display’s saturation level is fine and yes, this website is still worksafe. Now that’s sorted out, who in the tangerine BELAMI hell is this? Oh, it’s just Ashley Parker Angel from that short lived boy band O-Town, who have blasted out hits like “Liquid Dreams” and “These Are The Days” a few years back (don’t pretend you don’t know) and went solo after that. Ashley posted this shirtless picture at his Twitpic page, with the caption “me shirtless on the set… doing my best Matthew Mcconaughey”. Well I think he made the wrong reference here. McConaughey  he ain’t — Tommy Hansen or Tim Hamilton is more like it. How do I know? Um… someone told me. Yeah that’s it.

Here is my favorite comment on his page:

queenkat: Wow you have grown up! You = DILF 😉

Ashley was born in 1981, the same year as me. So that makes me a daddy now? What’s next, I’m going to be a grandpa at 38 and mummy at 48?  Tweens never fail to amuse me.

Ashley Parker Angel Shirtless

Ashley Parker Angel

Ashley Parker Angel Shirtless

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