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Adrian Grenier Shirtless

Honestly, as much as I adore body hair — I prefer all the follicle members of my man populating the front, thank you. The back, not so much. That said, I’m sure that some of you might find Adrian Grenier’s crack hair a little more appealing. I don’t, but if he comes knocking on my door in the middle of the night, I’d let him hit it from every direction possible. See, I’m not that choosy really.

Source: Bauer Griffin

Adrian Grenier Shirtless

Adrian Grenier Shirtless

Adrian Grenier Shirtless

Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier Shirtless

  • cfuse

    There are certain people who’s notoriety appears to defy any rational explanation. Such is the case here.

  • TroyBoy

    I will never ever understand the appeal of this guy. Never ever !

  • DoverDavid

    Nothing better than a trail of hair to lead me back to the ass when I have my eyes closed and am having dinner.

  • HairyManLover

    He has a lot of armpit hair. meow.

  • Critter

    There are no words to describe it. NOthing. Although, and this may make you want to hit me Square, but he needs a little toning. I am fine with the hair, even though I like smooth. Just a little buffing. Oh, and god damn his eyes are amazing!

  • Ronald

    I’ll take him since the rest here pass him up!I think he’s HOT!

  • Milton

    I think Adrian is HOT!HOT!HOT! I’m not going to make-out with his back hair, so that dosen’t bother me. He’s also one of the few guys, in my opinion, who could pull off a full beard. Not a thick,full one, but a nice trim one. Although I’d just prefer a little scruff, if he hasen’t shaved that day. Oh, & thank you Square, for the post.
    P.S. With all due respect to Critter, he’s fine without being buff. Sometimes, slim is sexy.

  • vanhenry71

    NICE EYES, Needs toning up and not seem so bratty-whiney, other then that not a bad looking guy at all!

  • Milton

    Forgot to say, thanks, Squarehippies, for the hairy legs pic. While I appreciate a guy’s cheast, I’m really a leg-man, so any shots of a guy’s legs, from the thigh down, is the cake under the icing, and man, does Adrian have some sexy legs!! Like the shots in the wet, wet, wet swimming trunks.

  • Am

    Lower back fuzz, in moderation, is the sexiest. BTW, thanks for posting the many wonderful pics for us mutual admirers.

  • That man could pack on 100 lbs and have bacne and I’d still find him attractive. Those eyes are just gorgeous and that will never change.

    That said, a little waxing couldn’t hurt. 😉

  • Silver Lining

    Beautiful guy, I really wish he would go to the gym. What a loss.

  • Arthur

    I find alittle hair on the lower back kinda hot!

  • Neil13

    Coin-slot hair… seriously Gross!!!

  • Henry

    I always loved Adrian Grenier. Beautiful face, nice slim body, and I can appreciate the hair in those places.

  • Hirsutesme

    As a dedicated fur lover, the area at the base of the spine is one of my favorites. Was pleased to see this nice feature on Adrian, who is also a really nice guy, with killer eyes and hair.

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