I Really Don’t Mind Hitting This

Shia LaBeouf Shirtless

You rarely see a post about shirtless jogging here, so today we have a fine treat of Shia LaBeouf getting fit with his shirt off. I don’t even care if he sweats douchewater or he loves his mom too much! Those shorts are barely hanging on to his waist, so I would highly suggest that Shia ignores them next time. This is hot, and that Kawasaki cap definitely adds up to the hotness. I don’t know why.

Images from Splash News. For Psiwire!

Shia LaBeouf Shirtless

Shia LaBeouf Shirtless

Shia LaBeouf Shirtless

Shia LaBeouf Shirtless

  • squarebart

    You are ROCKIN’ dude! Shia is so *uckable. Can’t wait to see what he looks like when he adds a few years to that torso…! Transformers, regardless of what the nay sayers say, was good. Hey it’s a Mikey Bay movie, you KNOW what you are gettin into! Fun ride! Fun Shia…! SH, you are a busy man, me likey!

  • GB13

    Shia LaBeof can go suck a turd right out of my asshole. And that’s not supposed to be kinky.

  • DoverDavid

    He would be better if every time someone interviewed him, he didn’t sound like a total douch bag! No crotch lump either in the shorts.

  • batman

    Is this guy very hot

  • WarpedRecord

    I’m visualizing myself as the T-shirt tucked into his shorts, and I’m loving what I see.

  • chris

    All I can say is has grown into quite a hunk and it sure shows! Great post square! 🙂

  • Justin

    This dude is a straight up piece of ass.

  • Justin

    Ps. I love his nipples, I’d hit it so hard. Okay I’ m done.

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  • florida33771

    Does nothing for me ugh

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