James O’Shea In Kiss The Bride

James O'Shea Shirtless

James O’Shea is exactly the type of guy that they always seem to find to play the sexually confused object of desire in gay romantic comedies, where the gay guy never ends up with the person he wants. Not that I’m complaining. If I’m going to be forced to sit through an inevitably disappointing non-romantic un-comedy, then the least they can do is provide me with some eye-candy. James comes through at least in that respect. He’s all-over sexy and something about his lower back makes me drool.

Steve Sandvoss is in this movie too, but he keeps his shirt on the whole time. Fail.

James O'Shea Shirtless

James O'Shea Shirtless

James O'Shea Shirtless

  • mlopez

    Square is back!!

  • Matty

    This was posted by Psiwire

  • Dene

    I agree, Square. What a lovely lower back. Makes ya wanna pour honey down his back and lick it off-! I LOVE that they had him shirtless in every one of his scenes. They know what draws a crowd. Ha hahaha-!

  • Robert

    Without a doubt 100% f*ckable!

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