Kevin Costner circa 1991 Is That You?

Bradley Cooper & Kevin Costner

OMG. I almost jumped out of my chair when I saw these pictures. No, this isn’t Kevin Costner circa JFK — it’s Bradley Cooper filming his latest film “Valentine’s Day” (there better be a shirtless scene in this!). And  here I thought noone can match the handsomeness of Kevin Costner during his glory days. He still does a lot of things to me now, but god knows how long I didn’t blink and drooled GALLONS during his shirtless scenes in “Bull Durham”, “No Way Out”, “Revenge” and “For The Love of the Game”. Here are some (non-shirtles unfortunately but I’m sure we can paste Brad’s head over his hairy body elsewhere) pictures of Bradley Cooper channeling his inner Kevin Costner circa JFK (or Mr. Brooks if you prefer the mature version). Handsome is the only word to describe this!

via Just Jared

Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner

  • cfuse

    We can only hope that he doesn’t jump the shark in the same way Mr Costner did.

  • Reese

    Holy smokes! They look alike, or are they related or separated at birth? Bradley doesn’t seem as self-important as Kevin was.

  • Buzzy

    My goodness. He is a looker!!!!!

  • Josh

    It’s kind of weird – They look alike or resemble, but then they also look so very different from one another at the same time. Interesting. Or maybe it’s just me.

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