Scott Evans in One Life to Live

Scott Evans Shirtless

No more guessing. The truth is out. Scott Evans is a hairy bugger but he CLIPS! Or so I thought. It’s not the most noble thing to do, but I forgive him because of his generosity. These shirtless caps of Chris’ gay brother are from “One Life to Live” capped by Superherofan, who has just recovered from a couple of days of downtime. Welcome back, mate — the world is a very dull place without you. Speaking of Chris Evans, is it just me or does anyone else beginning to feel to void of not having his hairy chest in our lives after his shirtless ban a while ago? Well, at least I didn’t dream about it. Yet.

Scott Evans Shirtless

Scott Evans

Scott Evans

Scott Evans Shirtless

Scott Evans Shirtless

Scott Evans Shirtless

Scott Evans Shirtless

  • Mike

    I hear he will be getting it on with or has gotten it on with the guy in the Wild Rover T-shirt.

  • mlpz18

    Cris is soooo much hotter
    BTW Is Scott gay?

  • Todd R


  • Yes, Scott Evans is in fact gorgeous actor Chris Evans’ gay brother ^_^

    Can you imagine had he turned out looking like Chris?… He’s still hot in his own right though.

  • undapantsman

    <3 Scott Evans. Such a cute bastard haha. Looks very much like what I think the offspring of Chris Evans and James Roday would look like: GOOD LAWD with a side of HAWT!

  • loiseau

    nah, scott’s hot factor far surpasses chris’ by far for me because…well, he’s gay. he’s way more adorable. and chris obviously’s more ripped than scott but the fact that i know i could have a chance with scott seals the deal. 😉

  • Justin

    Scott is way hotter than Chris. Not because he’s gay, he simply just is.

  • Paul

    He’s definitely hot. But what is it wth guys clipping? Better than shaving sure, but just let ’em grow – be a MAN!

  • Ryan

    GOD… please someone shut up about “letting it grow!” To each it’s own… so shut up.

  • Ted

    He “manscapes” because the idiot who runs ABC Daytime requires it of all the hairy-chested guys who are on the shows. Every once in a while, they are seen in all their natural glory but then almost immediately after — waxed or clipped. (examples, Mark Lawson, Trevor St. John, etc., etc.) Wish they would just let the guys be natural but that seems to be too much to ask.


    Relly !!,it’s complytte again,now i’m know about evan .

  • Scott is so incredibly cute, what’s wrong with Kyle??

  • Is Brett ( Kyle) Gay too??

  • Steven

    Scott is incredible! That is my future boyfriend/husband if I have anything to say about it. I hope he is into black guys!

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  • i watching movie from the internet about scott and brett (one life to live). i really like that so very much. scott is really gay? he did have bf anyway? wat did he do?
    anyway my name is Deane Shirard(sherard) A. Paguia as Rharard. im live in philippine. i’m 21 yrs old male….
    Im a Deaf. thanks for everything to like movie that scott evans (one life to live).

  • Earl

    I don’t know what you all are talking about, Scott is so much hotter than Chris! They’re both hot, but Scott is just like a dream come true!

  • Scott is so hot!!! I love his man chest!!!!! Thanks!!

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