This Worries Me…

Matthew Fox Shirtless

I really feel that I should send some carnations and a “Get Well Soon” card to Matthew Fox’s chest hair, because it looks like they’re not going to recover anytime soon. We have waited for too long. I mean, we can still see some sign of sprouting but as soon as they emerged, Matthew has decided to mercilessly cut them off. That’s it. I’m not going to send them a friggin’ card, we are sending the whole SWAT team of the COMMON SENSE division to protect them from his razor wrath! Also, he smokes — which isn’t particularly attractive in my book.

Matthew Fox Shirtless

Matthew Fox Shirtless

Matthew Fox Shirtless

  • Mushy

    Nooo He didnt!!!!!!!!!

    So I propose everyone should sign some sort of letter demanding furryness! For real!

  • Wtevr

    Like Matthew really gives a fuck as to what you think! So what he shaves his chest or smokes, who the fuck made you god you flaming nellie queen! I will write a letter to Matthew to force feed you his shit from his ass but we would all be disappointed because you get into it.

  • A shaver AND a smoker. Shame on you, Matt. You just went so down on my Top Hotties List right now.


  • DoverDavid

    His chest definately looks better with hair on it, another shaving fag!

  • WarpedRecord

    Shaved chest and ugly tattoos: I guess the pod people have gotten to Matthew too.

    They can take Wtevr with them. Only one will be missed.

  • This must stop.

  • Kyle

    The reason he shaves it is likely because it is rapidly turning gray, and Matthew prides himself on being youthful. I doubt you’ll see chest hair on him again any time soon.

  • a little edgy

    Can’t chest hair be dyed? That’s a better solution because, really, he looks better with hair. A young man with a perfectly sculpted chest and belly might look better smooth (speaking hypothetically – I, personally, prefer at least a little hair at any age). Matthew, on the other hand, is 42 years old. He has a decent body, for sure, but it’s not so perfect that some hair wouldn’t help to soften the minor flaws. It’s so obvious that I don’t get why so many guys miss it: If your body is not perfect or you are on the shady side of 35 or so, you look better with hair.

    If MF really is trying to cling to youth with body shaving, it makes me sad. He has such DILF potential; he should embrace it rather than trying to complete with 20-year-olds.

  • cfuse

    The hair grows back, but that horrible ink is there forever.

  • cmag

    Chest hair or not, I want him. F***ing hot!

  • luvemhairless

    Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I prefer him with a shaved chest, but strangely enough, I like him to have some chest hair showing through his shirts.

    But when he goes shirtless, shaved/hairless, all the way!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nothing wrong with that, everybody has their own take on chest hair and it’s perfectly okay. 🙂

  • KimberlyS

    Ever since Matthew has been on LOST he has shaved. i took one look at him and said “This is a man who naturally has chest hair, why the HELL is it gone??”

    Really a shame.

  • Dishy

    He looks a hell of a lot older than 42! (I also hear he is a real asshole)

  • Unknown

    Is this a Gay web blog or something?

  • muzacguy

    I certainly don’t care if he has the chest hair or not, he looks hot to me either way. Besides, it’s his body, his life, his decision to do whatever he chooses to do. I think he’s fantastic & I’m crazy about him!

  • KMac

    Once the star of my more moist dreams….
    Now a nobody!
    How the mighty have fallen.

    The no1-in-my-affections slot is now awarded to Clive Owen.

  • KMac

    If you don’t like this place, you are free to leave.

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